An Insider's guide to clinical medicine

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Medicine is a science and an art. Lab tests are fast. It becomes a forgotten art in technical attacks. Books are an important step in bringing students back to basics Of clinical medicine. This book is useful for exams Preparation. that is, Internal medicine students — with undergraduate students graduated student. Illustrations are self-explanatory and help in understanding difficult concepts.  Dr Archith has been actively and extensively involved in the clinical teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate students for many years. He has been a popular teacher among medical students and has received “best teacher award” many times at Kasturba medical College, Mangaluru, Karnataka, India. He has understood the limitations of the present clinical examination books and also identified the knowledge gap that needs to be cleared for undergraduate and postgraduate students. His student Dr Anudeep, an enthusiastic learner and teacher has initiated the process of compiling this wonderful book. Many general concepts are relevant and relevant Undergraduate clinical tests are described in detail in this book. The scope of the subject is comprehensive, contemporary and clear. writer Present it with ease with the details of the book. Understanding formatting by explaining the many details of these concepts in format Table and bullet formatting. This helps the students I remember an important point. Explain the basics concept, which is what the student understands, and Take a clinical test. Evidence-based book information and Experience enriched by an outstanding teacher took them Feedback from all stakeholders, including teachers and students Before finalizing the final version of this book. This book can Highly recommended for students, teachers and doctors physicians Writing a clinical book has been our long-held dream. Includes all relevant questions that the student needs for a good reason Emphasis on clinical methods with years of clinical experience Training and accurate understanding of real needs a Medical student This book has been compiled to meet their needs needs. Reading, writing, and rewriting was a daunting task. Process this huge amount of information into this short textbook. When we started this business about a year ago, we did almost nothing Predict what our thoughts will end up in this way "Insider's Guide to Clinical Medicine". That is our goal Wouldn't have been possible without constant support Thank you.

First of all, we thank all the students: undergraduate and graduate students Awaken this idea within us and collect our observations etc. It's important to ask the question you found the answer to The shape of this book. Without this book, I wouldn't have seen the light of day. Dr. Permanent Belief. Vivek Kaushik, Dr. Abu Takidin and Dr. Nikir Kenny Thomas. They are and will continue Our life and the power to nurture this book ...

Thank you very much.

Thanks to Dr. Chakrapani M for writing the introductory text. This version. He is the epitome of a true clinical teacher Medicine and we appreciate their continued support and input During this process.

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