Atlas of Human Anatomy

In this post you can download pdf of Atlas of Human Anatomy  from here free.

Orthopedics in a changing world Since Alan Appley published the first edition The world has changed so much Orthopedic practice. Fashionable in 1959 Replacement was rare and featured a high failure rate and knees No replacement and arthroscopy, fracture They were mainly treated by traction. The latest version of this book is Expected effects of the HIV / AIDS epidemic. Or Outbreak is mainly suppressed, Effective treatment that leads to normal life expectancy For those affected. But in untreated people do so Presence of secondary infections such as tuberculosis It is high and the prognosis is still poor. it is fun It is encouraging to note that the national joint Record in England, Wales and Malawi Joint records have shown that a hip replacement is a Effective treatment for patients with multiple diseases That includes AIDS without increasing the risk Early mortality rate after surgery compared to patients who do not have AIDS. 

Many remedies during the life of this book Invented, widely used, found Ineffective or suboptimal and then It has lost a lot of its popularity. Examples include arthroscopic debridement for osteoarthritis of the knee, Metal-to-metal hip replacement Distal ulnar arthroplasty. It is important to We continue to question the effectiveness of existing systems and new treatments. In a world where global needs are increasing Orthopedic surgery must prove its effectiveness and profitable. Since 1959, the world population has been exceeded It has doubled to over 7 billion people and is aging significantly.

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