Diseases of ear, nose and throat

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With this sixth edition, the book completes 22 years of service to its readers. The speciality of ENT, often called otolaryngology or otorhinolaryngology has diversified into several subspecialities of otology, otoneurology, rhinology, laryngology, bronchoesophagology, paediatric otolaryngology, skull base surgery, and now emerging subspeciality of neuro-rhinology where the brain tumours related to skull base are being treated by endoscopic nasal approaches. The growth in several branches owe their emergence to rapid strides being made in technology such as imaging techniques from simple X-ray to CT, MRI, MR angiography, PET-CT and simultaneous PET-MRI. The development of endoscopes from 4 mm to nearly 1 mm with various viewing angles, lasers, computers and miniature cameras which can be fixed on the tip of the flexible endoscopes have further revolutionized surgery. This further has given birth to minimally invasive surgery, navigation surgery and robotic surgery. With the growth of specialization both in the field And the depth poses several challenges for writers as to how Too many things to introduce the subject is not yet concise but complete, And don't miss the basics and Clinical applications for students entering the medical profession Legible In the current version, all seasons have been changed, Updated and added. Some have been completely Rewritten and expanded. New chapters added Speaking of thyroid disorders, thyroid surgery and exophthalmos. Many New charts, algorithms, tables, flowcharts and clinics Photos have been added to make the topic easier Understandable Chapter "Nuggets for Speed" Review" provides helpful tips to help you edit multiple MCQs. Often specified in college or board exams. Here and there mnemonics are useful as helpful memoirs. Memorize and reproduce topics for students taking exams. This book is a clinically oriented and practical approach. It still gives the patient a broad understanding of the subject. For bachelor students. I hope this book is published. It is also useful for DLO, MS/MD and DNB students. (Diplomat National Administration) All basic courses They rely on comprehensive books on the subject. It will also be useful for GPs and students. For those studying Nursing, Audiology and Speech Therapy and Ayurveda, Sidhas, Unani and Tibbia, Homeopathy and Physiotherapy. at If the above goals are achieved, the author will be satisfied. There is always room for improvement in any business. The authors welcome suggestions and comments. Teachers and students can contact pldhingra@gmail.com or indiacontact@elsevier.com.

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