Trauma Surgery Volume 1

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When in the summer of 2011 our small group of Acute Care and Trauma Surgeons, founder members of World Society of Emergency Surgery, had a joined meeting, we all together felt there was a strong need for improving education in the field of acute care and trauma surgery, especially for younger surgeons, or any doctor or professional, approaching for the first time this discipline and the complex management of trauma patients. This need is even stronger in these days, when the decreased surgical training opportunities, combined with the changes in epidemiology and severity of Trauma as well as the spreading use of Non-Operative management, all these have been factors contributing to make the career of a Trauma Surgeon a field of “missed opportunities”.  This is more evident if compared to the role that Trauma Sugery had in the past decades, when it has definitely had a unique and peerless educational value. In the last decades, in fact, a “good performing” general surgeon would have never missed during his training a valuable experience in a trauma surgery service.  We have therefore had the idea of writing a book of trauma surgery, aiming to offer a practical manual of procedures, techniques and operative strategies, rather than pretending to be an excessively long, perhaps excruciating, textbook of trauma surgery.  The material received was so extensive in terms of quantity and quality that the contents have been apportioned between two volumes. The first regarding Trauma Management, Critical Care, Orthopedic Trauma and Neuro-Trauma and the second including Thoracic and Abdominal Trauma. 

We are moreover very glad that this project, conducted in cooperation with our World Society of Emergency Surgery and its Journal, has truly joined together trauma surgeons from all over the world sharing our experiences in trauma. The multidisciplinary board of authors, editors and foreword writers of this book is truly International with contributors from the Americas (USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina), Europe (Italy, Germany, Finland, Austria, France, UK, Turkey), Africa (South Africa), Australasia (Australia and New Zealand), and Asia (Israel, Turkey, India). This is a most heartening and promising signal for the future of our discipline worldwide, demonstrating that Trauma Surgery remains a vibrant surgical discipline. This is the first other planned WSES book to promise The basis of WSES Training program for the next few years. This project Its purpose is to link WSES courses to WSES guidelines And a WSES book that provides comprehensive learning tools Next Generation Emergency and Trauma Surgeon Our goal is to advance acute WSES immediately Care Surgery Book I also want to thank you for your valuable introduction Dr. K. Mattox, Dr. Contributed by F Dr. Baldoni C.W. Dr. Schwab and K. Brohi, derived from it various experiences

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