Variceal Bleeding in Liver Cirrhosis

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Acute variceal bleeding can still be frightening and frightening in patients with cirrhosis and their siblings, despite the fact that the associated mortality is greatly reduced thanks to the development of many effective drugs and new methods. op
on the other hand, no physician will forget the first saving experience and
a cirrhotic patient with acute massive varicose veins, especially if he only a younger resident. My theoretical understanding of the disease began as I progressed postgraduate studies at Xijing Hospital of Disgestive Diseases of the Fourth Xi'an Military Medical University under the leadership of Prof. Daiming Fan en Prof. Guohong Han to do my first research project on the use of transjugular
intrahepatic portosystemic shunt for varicose veins in patients with portal vein cirrhosis venous thrombosis. At that time, I was very impressed that there were so many patients with me bleeding from the varices was transferred to transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunts thanks to the excellent skills and fruitful experience of prof. Guohong Han and his interventional radiology team.
My clinical knowledge of managing this life-threatening illness gradually strengthened from the time I performed my daily clinical practice in
treatment of cirrhotic patients with varices bleeding at North General Hospital
Theater Headquarters (formerly Shenyang Military General Hospital)
place) in Shenyang. In the meantime, my postdoctoral studies focused on management complications of liver cirrhosis under the guidance of Prof. Xiaozhong Guo. Plus Important is, with his support and the help of many colleagues, three large databases liver cirrhosis has been established and is constantly updated. First retrospective database in which all patients with cirrhosis were admitted to our hospitalexamined from January 2010 to June 2014. Of course, its limitations very clear, especially the missing data. For this reason, there is a future database registers only cirrhotic patients admitted to our ward who have undergone endoscopy and contrast computed tomography. The third database is the collection to the information of all patients I treat as a attending physician. In these databases, our team has published many articles on this topic and gather some research experience. In the meantime, it should not be forgotten Dozens of international experts and friends provided valuable comments

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