Biomechanics of sport and Exercise third edition

 In this post you can download pdf of Biomechanics of sport and Exercise third edition from here

 A few chapters of this book Includes activities using MaxTRAQ Educational 2D software. Downloadable MaxTRAQ Educational (ME) software A software module that allows you to track and analyze Human movement, distance and angle in videos. ME only works with Windows operating systems (Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7). To use ME to complete the tasks in this text, you You have to download and install the software yourself Enter the computer and key code to enable it. if you have Buy a new paperback book, you can enter the code Introduction in blue letters on the front text If you buy a second hand book or e-book, you You must purchase MaxTRAQ Educational 2D
This app is directly from the MaxTRAQ website and your key The code will be sent to you via email.
Visit www.motionanalysis to download the software If you are the owner To buy a new book, click on the New Books link Download Book - MaxTRAQ Educational A Download the installer. If you bought Used books or e-books, you can click on used books
Link to purchase a copy of the app After saving the MaxTRAQ installer in a file On your computer, double-click it to install the file programming. See how to install MaxTRAQ Educational See html for details. When you first open a file
When you run the program, the license window appears. click input lower left key. Please enter that keycode carefully.
Comes with this book or code you received by email. (Cut code) If you purchased the software
Log in separately. After entering the key code, Access is scheduled for one year. Tips for using MaxTRAQ Educational 2D
• There are 12 software downloads in this book. Video made by the author. when downloading a file
program, this video Local disk in Program Files \ Motion Analysis \ MaxTRAQP \ Video files. You can also use files. MaxTRAQ Other video analysis software It is saved in .avi format.
• Video tutorials and instructions for use The video is available on www.motionanalysis. to see Link in the lower right corner under the short tutorial
And the video tour shows several versions From MaxTRAQ. follow the instructions
version tracking
• Video clips provided with the software A different entanglement configuration is required. attached
Instructions at the start of each set Exercise in setting deinterlacing options
clip used 
• To view a video clip, open it with File — Open, then use the player buttons in the bottom center from the screen. Left and right buttons of the center stop button forwards or backwards video frame by frame. You use this a lot as you complete the exercises. Also note that: you can adjust the brightness and contrast of video if necessary to improve visibility.
• Note that the frame rate of video clips varies. The frame rate is displayed at the bottom right MaxTRAQ is displayed in Hz (Hz). Hertz is a cycle The frame rate per second, or 30 Hz, is 30
Number of frames per second (fps). For some videos Clip does not detect MaxTRAQ correctly I will teach you the frame rate and practice Convert
• Most used software features Complete the exercises in this text Resize, digitize and calculate the points of the subject Change the x and y coordinates Points when the subject moves
• To adjust the scale, open the video and then Select View-Tools and Show Scale. Next, click on Tools in the top menu bar and Select Scale. In the window that pops up, enter the length of a known reference in the video (for the video clips included with the software, see the exercise instructions for the length to enter). Click OK and then use the mouse to left-click each end point of the known distance in the frame (for example, two points known to be 500 cm apart on a wall). When you click the !rst point,
nothing will appear on the screen, but when you click the second, a scale will appear.  To hide the scale, go to View—Tools and uncheck Show Scale.

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