Kuby Immunology fourth edition

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Defense systems have evolved to protect animals invasion of pathogenic microorganisms cancer. It can produce a wide variety of cells. Molecules that can be specifically recognized and eliminated A seemingly limitless variety of alien invaders. these Cells and molecules work together in a dynamic network. The complexity is comparable to the complexity of the nervous system. Functionally, the immune response can be divided into: Two related activities: awareness and response. immune Recognition of its singularity is exceptional. immunity
The system is able to recognize tiny chemical differences that Distinguish one foreign pathogen from another. As well, The system is able to distinguish between strangers Body molecules, cells and proteins. Once upon a time there was a stranger The organism has been identified, the immune system Binds a variety of cells and molecules for proper synthesis reply, call effector reply, delete or
neutralization of the organism. In this way, the system is able to do Convert the initial recognition event to a variety of effectors Responses, each tailored to a particular elimination The type of pathogen. Subsequent exposure to the same strange organism It induces a memory response, which is more characteristic
Fast and high immune reaction that works to eliminate pathogens and disease prevention. This chapter presents immunological research. It offers a historical perspective and a broad overview. Cells and molecules that make up the immune system as well as the mechanisms it uses to protect the body Against foreign invaders. 
Evidence of the existence of The Simple Immune System of Some Invertebrates
It then presents an evolutionary view of mammals. The main subject of this book is the immune system. group Part of the primitive immune system persists in vertebrates With highly developed innate immunity A specific response system called adaptive immunity. These two systems work together to achieve a high level. to protect vertebrates. Finally possibly Because the immune system does not play a protective role some lack of components; other times Unleash your mighty power against the invaders. own host. In this introductory chapter we will explain Immunity is simplified, revealing essential structures. Immune System Function Abstract, Experimental Discussion Approach and deeper definition removed to next chapter.

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