Textbook of Clinical Embryology

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Textbook of Clinical Embryology has been carefully planned for the first year medical and dental students. It follows the revised anatomy curriculum of the Medical Council of India. Following the current trends of clinically oriented study of Anatomy, I have adopted a parallel approach of imparting basic embryological knowledge to students and simultaneously providing them its applied aspects. 
To help students score high in examinations the text is written in simple language. It is arranged in easily understandable small sections. While embryological details of little clinical relevance, phylogenetic discussions, and comparative analogies have been either omitted or described in brief, all clinically important topics are described in detail. Because of increasingly significant role of molecular biology and genetics in embryology and study of birth defects, the basic molecular and genetic principles are discussed throughout the text. In addition, a separate chapter on medical genetics has been added. The tables and flowcharts given in the book summarize important and complex information into digestible knowledge capsules. Multiple choice questions have been given chapter-by-chapter at the end of the book to test the level of understanding and memory recall of the students.
Four-color illustrations and clinical images aid quick understanding and storage
Information. All illustrations are designed by the author himself to ensure accuracy. While preparing this book, I had remembered one thing and that was a thorough understanding of embryology Required by physicians, particularly gynecologists, pediatricians and pediatric surgeons for physical examination,
Diagnostic tests and surgeries before birth. Therefore, fetal events relevant to prenatal diagnosis Surgical procedures are clinically related throughout the text. Also, patient-centered problems and their problems The embryonic and genetic foundation is presented at the end of each chapter for problem-based learning so that Students can use their knowledge of embryology in clinical situations. Moreover, keeping in mind the relevance of embryological knowledge in day-to-day clinical practice, a separate chapter on developmental events during the entire period of gestation and their application in clinical practice is given at the end of the book.  I pay my heartfelt tribute to all the authors of various embryology books, especially Developing Human: Clinically
Oriented Embryology, 8th edition by Keith L Moore and TVN Persaud, which I have consulted during the preparation of this book. From Developing Human and few other books, some photographs have been used in this book after obtaining due permission from concerned authorities (please refer to page 331 for Figure Credits). 
As a teacher, I have tried my best to make the book easy to understand and interesting to read. For further improvement of this book, I would greatly welcome comments and suggestions from the readers. All these comments and
Suggestions can be sent via email to indiacontact@elsevier.com and drvishramsingh@gmail.com.

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