The essentials of forensic Medicine and Toxicology 33rd edition

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There are two distinct aspects of law-medicine relationship: ( 1) Forensic medicine, and (2) Medical
jurisprudence. They are essentially different subjects, but are closely related.  Forensic or legal medicine (forensic= forums of or used in Courts of law) deals with the application of medical and paramedical knowledge to aid in the administration of justice. It is used by the legal authorities for the solution of legal problems. Some examples are: applying the medical knowledge in deciding cases of injuries, murder, suicide, accidents, sexual offences, poisoning, etc. In short, she cares Medical aspects of the law Medical jurisprudence (Jurisprudence = law; prudence = knowledge) deals with legal responsibilities The doctor specifically referred to cases From the doctor-patient relationship, like a doctor shortcomings, consent, rights and duties of doctors, Extreme professional negligence, professional ethics, etc. In short, this is about the legal aspects of this practice medical. Legal Pathology for Study and Exercising violent or abnormal influences Disease in its various forms in the body or in the human body, In determining the cause and manner of death in the event Violence, Doubt, Unexplained, Unexpected, Sudden death without medical care Medical ethics deals with ethical principles Who should direct the members of the doctor Profession in their mutual relations, they
Patients and the government Medical etiquette is about traditional things The rule of humility was laid among the members of medical specialist. doctors have to work together his colleagues who want him to work with him she herself.
Ethical behavior is an obligation imposed on all doctor. in the doctor acting professional competence of another doctor with the patient. Forensic medicine is almost entirely involved crime against medical personnel Needs investigation and evidence. Forensic medicine Medication is mostly common sense exercise, In combination with the application of knowledge Experience gained through researching others Fields such as medicine, surgery and obstetrics. That goal Find the truth. His special field of activity Civil and criminal judicial investigation. All Medical care in particular has a responsible personality Forensic work such as certification In all criminal cases such as insanity and disease
People like murder, suicide, rape, sex Assistance in criminal offenses, traffic accidents, addiction and so on. The doctor is needed by the police. that in In all these cases the doctor must appear As an expert witness in court. in some cases. The physician is the main source of evidence based on:
Legal decisions are made. In case of accidental death. Government employees will be largely or completely dependent Medical evidence in determining the cause of death. Responsibility is fixed in case of accident.


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