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  In this post, you can download United State Pharmacopeia  2019 (USP 42 - NF 39) in pdf format for free. There are 5 Volumes available of United State Pharmacopeia  2019 (USP 42 - NF 39). 

USP 2019 (USP 42 - NF 39)

This segment offers heritage records at the United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP), in addition to wellknown records approximately the forty first revision of the US Pharmacopeia (USP 41) and the thirty sixth version of the National Formulary (NF 36) and their Supplements. Unless in any other case noted, the textual content in USP 41-NF three 6 is bureaucratic May 1, 2018, the textual content withinside the First Supplement to USP 41-NF 36 1s respectable August 1, 2018, and the textual content withinside the Second Supplement to USP 41-NF 36 is bureaucratic December 1, 2018.

USP-NF carries respectable substance (ingredient) and prod­uct monographs for respectable articles diagnosed in USP-NF (see General Notices 2.20 Official Articles). USP-NF additionally in­cludes monographs for compounded preparations. With few ex ions, which include articles blanketed with the aid of using Global Health monograph  all articles for which monographs are furnished in Fare legally advertised withinside the United States or are contained in legally advertised articles. Global Health mono­graphs are furnished for articles that aren't authorised or regally advertised withinside the United States, however which have been authorised with the aid of using a stringent regulatory authority [as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO)] ancf are used for es­sential functions in different elements of the world.

A USP-NF monograph for an respectable substance, product, or practise may also include numerous components, such as the article's name; definition; packaging, storage, and different requirements; and a specification. General chapters offer often noted procedures, occasionally with popularity cri­teria, which will collect into one vicinity repetitive infor­mation this is relevant to many monographs. See General Notices three. 10 Appl1cability of Standards for greater records approximately requirements contained in USP-NF monographs and gen­eral chapters.

New and revised monographs and wellknown chapters and overlooked mono9raphs from this version are indicated withinside the Admissions segment.

USP-NF Organization-The USP-NF is posted on line because the USP􀀌NF Online. USP-NF is likewise published as a 5-extent set. To facilitate handy use and reference, all 5 volumes consist of the mixed index, in addition to the USP General Notices and the Guide to General Chapters. Volume 1 consists of the front matter (Mission and Preface, People, govern­ance pages and websites, and Admissions/ Annotations) and USP monographs A-L Volume 2 consists of USP monographs

J-Z. Volume three consists of Global Health monographs, Dietary Supplements monographs, NF Admissions/Annotations, Excipients, and NF monographs. Volume four consists of wellknown chapters numbered under 1000 (General Tests and Assays-in­cluding bankruptcy charts), Reagents, and Reference Tables. Volume five consists of wellknown chapters numbered above 1000 (General Information) and Dietary Supplements wellknown chap­ters. General chapters particular to nutritional dietary supplements are blanketed in numerical order with the relaxation of the overall chapters in USP. Excipient monographs are commonly supplied in NF however additionally may also seem in USP with appropriate cross-referencing whilst they may be additionally drug substances. The Excipients segment (Volume three) gives a tabulation of excipi­ents with the aid of using purposeful category.


On January 1, 1820, 11 physicians met in the Senate Chamber of the U.S. Capitol building to establish a pharmacopeia for the United States. These practitioners sought to create a compendium of the best therapeutic products, give them useful names, and provide recipes for their preparation. Nearly a year later, on December 15, 1820, the first edition of The Pharmacopoeia of the United States was published. The preface to the 1820 edition read, It is the object of a Pharmacopoeia to select from among substances which possess medicinal power, those, the utility of which is most fully established and best understood; and to form from them preparations and compositions, in which their powers may be exerted to the greatest advantage. It should likewise distinguish those articles by convenient and definite names, such as may prevent trouble or uncertainty in the intercourse of physicians and apothecaries. This mission continues today within USP. Over time, the nature of the US Pharmacopeia (USP) has changed from a set of prescriptions to a set of pharmaceutical product standards. Its release timetable has also been changed. From 1820 to 1942, the USP was issued with a gap of 10 years. from 1942 to 2000, every 5 years; It annually starts from 2002.

In 1888, the American Pharmaceutical Association published the first national formula, the National Unofficial Formula (NF). Both USP and NF were recognized in the Federal Food and Drug Administration Act of 1906 and then the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act of 1938. In 1975 he acquired the National Formulary (NF) USP and began publishing two abstracts in one volume entitled USP-NF.

Today, the USP continues to develop the USP-NF through the work of the Summary Expert Council, which provides standards for articles based on advances in analytical science and metrology. As these and related sciences advance, so do the USP and NF.


USP's governing, requirements-placing, and advisory our bodies consist of the USP Convention, the Board of Trustees, the Council of Experts and its Expert Committees, Advisory Panels, and body of workers. Additional volunteer our bodies consist of Stakeholder Forums, Project Teams, and Advisory Groups, which act in an advisory capability to offer enter to USP's governing, requirements-placing, and control our bodies.

USP Convention— USP's path and priorities are decided with the aid of using extra than four hundred Convention contributors divided into 9 categories (see the People segment). Eligible corporations inside every club class are invited to employ a representative. Convention composition is decided to make sure appropriate illustration of these sections of the fitness care device which might be inspired with the aid of using, and in flip influence, USP's activities. Convention contributors decide on USP's President, Treasurer, and different contributors of the Board of Trustees in addition to the Council of Experts. They additionally vote on resolutions to manual USP's clinical coverage and public fitness projects and update, as needed, USP's Constitution and By-Laws. The subsequent assembly of the USP Convention is scheduled for April 2010 in Washington, DC. 

Board of Trustees— USP's Board of Trustees is entrusted with control of the commercial enterprise affairs, finances, and assets of USP. During its five-12 months term, the Board defines USP's strategic path thru its key coverage and operational decisions. A list of the contributors of the 2005–2010 Board of Trustees seems withinside the People segment. 

Council of Experts— The Council of Experts is the requirements-placing frame of USP. It consists of fifty seven Expert Committee Chairs elected to five-12 months phrases with the aid of using USP's Convention contributors. A Nominating Committee, which include the Chair of the Council of Experts, the Convention President, and the Vice Chair of the Nominating Committee for the Council of Experts, nominates folks that are eventually elected with the aid of using the contributors of the Council of Experts to function Expert Committee contributors. Collectively, the Expert Committee Chairs and contributors contain extra than 500 volunteers drawn from 50 countries. The forty one Standards Expert Committees are answerable for the content material of USP–NF, the Food Chemicals Codex, and related guides (see Figure 1) and prepared in Collaborative Groups for subjects of not unusualplace hobby. The Information Expert Committees cognizance on improvement of Model Guidelines for the Medicare Modernization Act and different facts activities. The Executive Committee of the Council of Experts (see the People segment) offers typical path, is an appeals frame, and plays different capabilities that guide the Council's operations. 



Governing Documents— USP–NF requirements are identified broadly due to the fact they may be authoritative and science-primarily based totally and are mounted with the aid of using a obvious and credible technique. See the Articles of Incorporation segment on this book; the Constitution and Bylaws and the Rules and Procedures of the 2005–2010 Council of Experts are to be had on USP's internet site ( Collectively, those files serve USP volunteers and body of workers because the governing standards for USP's requirements-placing activities. 

Conflicts of Interest— USP's Conflict of Interest provisions require all contributors of the Council of Experts, its Expert Committees, Advisory Panels, Board of Trustees, and key body of workers to reveal tremendous monetary pastimes in businesses or different entities which might be issue to USP–NF requirements or that can be suffering from USP–NF facts. Members of the Board of Trustees, Council of Experts, and associated our bodies aren't allowed to vote on any rely wherein they have got a war of hobby or the arrival of a war of hobby. 

Confidentiality and Document Disclosure— Members of the Council of Experts, Expert Committees, and Advisory Panels signal confidentiality agreements, in step with the confidentiality provisions of the Rules and Procedures of the Council of Experts. The USP Document Disclosure Policy, to be had on USP's internet site, contributes to the transparency of the requirements-placing technique with the aid of using making facts to be had to the general public, but offers safety to producers and others who put up exclusive facts to USP. 

Authority for Publication— USP–NF is posted according with Chapter VI, Section 8, of the USP Bylaws, which states, “The Board of Trustees shall authorize the revision and launch of textual content to the USA Pharmacopeia and the National Formulary. Upon approval of the content material with the aid of using the Council of Experts, according with the guidelines and approaches followed below Section 9, the Board of Trustees shall then act upon liberating the textual content and upon designating the date while it's miles to emerge as respectable, stated date to be moderately remote from the date of its launch. The Executive Vice President–CEO shall, yearly or extra regularly, upon unique request of the Board of Trustees, certify that the facts contained withinside the United States Pharmacopeia, National Formulary, or different legal guides has been organized according with the guidelines and approaches below Section 9.” 


Public Participation— Although USP's Council of Experts is the remaining decision-making frame for USP–NF requirements, those requirements are evolved with the aid of using an terrific technique of public involvement and sizable interplay among USP and its stakeholders, each locally and internationally. Participation withinside the revision technique effects from the guide of many people and agencies and additionally from clinical, technical, and change corporations. 

Requests for revision of monographs, both new monographs or the ones wanting updating, incorporate facts submitted voluntarily with the aid of using producers and different involved parties. At instances USP body of workers can also additionally expand facts to guide a monograph Request for Revision. USP has organized a record titled Guideline for Submitting Requests for Revision to USP–NF (to be had at, click on on USP–NF). Via PF, USP solicits and encourages public touch upon those monographs, General Chapters, and different draft files. USP clinical liaisons to Expert Committees evaluate those responses and create draft proposals which might be supplied to the Council of Experts. These drafts emerge as respectable while Expert Committees poll to lead them to respectable in USP–NF. Thus, the USP requirements-placing technique offers individuals who manufacture, regulate, and use healing merchandise the possibility to touch upon the improvement and revision of USP–NF requirements. Because of the balloting technique and its unique hyperlink to the U.S. authorities in law, USP isn't always taken into consideration a voluntary, consensus requirements-placing frame. Figure 2 indicates the general public evaluate and remark technique and its courting to requirements improvement.


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