USP 2021 (USP 44 - NF 39) pdf free download

In this post, you can download United States Pharmacopeia  2021 (USP 44 - NF 39) in pdf format for free. There are 5 Volumes available of United States Pharmacopeia  2021 (USP 44 - NF 39).

USP 2021 (USP 44 - NF 39)


USP 2021 (United States Pharmacopeia 44 - NF 39)

In total, more than 350 chapters provide clear and detailed guidelines for testing, testing, and methods useful for reagents, indicators, and solutions, including reference tables.  Now USP 2023 is also available. Comprehensive information for all phases of the production of quality over-the-counter and prescription medicines; excipient; biological; medical apparatus; and food supplements. It is important for quality control, quality assurance, regulatory / compensation activities, research and development, analysis / service improvement procedures and business management. USPNF monographs and procedures help ensure compliance with US quality standards required for accuracy standards and recognized world-renowned accuracy, which produces benchmark test results that have been shown to implement and validate standard internal management procedures and specifications for product development and re-approval. facilitation. References for researchers, professionals and students working with or through: The pharmaceutical format provides access to all updates published online within 12 months of the date of subscription. Online features include improved search capabilities, the ability to set alerts and page bookmarks, and a new tab history for easy access to all available versions of a document. . The benefits of the new USPNF online platform include: new individual accounts that allow each user to customize what they see on the product dashboard, streamlining their usage time. A brand new comprehensive search engine that works like a search engine for many popular websites and helps you find what you need. Easy navigation throughout the content with notes to explain different parts of the content, making it easier for new and unique users to access. Ability to accept future changes to certain documents, so you always know when the document and the main test will be updated. The ability to search for multiple US PNF editions online instead of going out and then editing the edition. 

Monographs are defined in the pharmacopoeia to represent names, specifications, definitions and other requirements related to packaging, storage and labeling. Details include procedures, testing, and recruitment procedures that help ensure the integrity, strength, quality, and cleanliness of items. For general requirements regarding specific monograph components, see Section 5, monograph components.

Because monographs may not provide standards for all relevant characteristics, some official substances may follow USP or NF standards, but differ in non-standard nature.

in connection with the use in a particular preparation. To ensure the flexibility of these conditions, users may want to ensure the consistency of the FUND feature or specify these features for use. In this pdf format you will find the pdf of each monograph on drugs, as shown below. Each pdf monograph contains: -




MGA viz



Example of the monograph "Azithromycin"

General chapters

Each general chapter is assigned a number, which is displayed next to the chapter title in parentheses (eg chromatography).

• General chapters may contain the following:

• Description of tests and procedures for applications through individual monographs,

• Descriptions and descriptions of procedures and conditions for drug mixing,

• General information for the interpretation of claims for damages,

Description of general pharmaceutical storage, dispensing and packaging practices, or

• General instructions for manufacturers of official substances or products.

If the monograph refers to a general chapter, intestinal habits may be introduced into the large intestine.

The following chapters can serve as an overview of the Introduction to the test or methods of analysis. They may refer to other general chapters with techniques, details of procedures and, occasionally, admission procedures. 


On January 1, 1820, 11 physicians met in the Senate Chamber of the U.S. Capitol building to establish a pharmacopeia for the United States. These practitioners sought to create a compendium of the best therapeutic products, give them useful names, and provide recipes for their preparation. Nearly a year later, on December 15, 1820, the first edition of The Pharmacopoeia of the United States was published. The preface to the 1820 edition read, It is the object of a Pharmacopoeia to select from among substances which possess medicinal power, those, the utility of which is most fully established and best understood; and to form from them preparations and compositions, in which their powers may be exerted to the greatest advantage. It should likewise distinguish those articles by convenient and definite names, such as may prevent trouble or uncertainty in the intercourse of physicians and apothecaries. This mission continues today within USP. Over time, the nature of the US Pharmacopeia (USP) has changed from a set of prescriptions to a set of pharmaceutical product standards. Its release timetable has also been changed. From 1820 to 1942, the USP was issued with a gap of 10 years. from 1942 to 2000, every 5 years; It annually starts from 2002.

In 1888, the American Pharmaceutical Association published the first national formula, the National Unofficial Formula (NF). Both USP and NF were recognized in the Federal Food and Drug Administration Act of 1906 and then the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act of 1938. In 1975 he acquired the National Formulary (NF) USP and began publishing two abstracts in one volume entitled USP-NF.

Today, the USP continues to develop the USP-NF through the work of the Summary Expert Council, which provides standards for articles based on advances in analytical science and metrology. As these and related sciences advance, so do the USP and NF.

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