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In this Blog, you can easily download free pdf of Fundamentals Of Biochemistry edited by J.L. Jain, Sunjay Jain, Nitin Jain

Fundamentals Of Biochemistry
About Book

At the outset, the senior writer of the e book welcomes his two sons, Dr. Sunjay Jain and Er. Nitin Jain who have joined me as coauthors of this text, a deposit which would have been given before to them as they had been supporting in a latent way in the evolution of the e book for the previous many years.

Thirty two years have elapsed given that one of us (JLJ) embarked on the mental trip of writing a textbook of Biochemistry. As Biochemistry is developing at a remarkable pace, every version has been annoying in a unique way. 

In this brand new sixth edition, the e book has been utterly revised,  enlarged and up to date with no longer even a single chapter left untouched. Besides, one new chapter Genetic Code  has been interpolated to decorate the scope and utility of the book. 

Addition of two new appendices is an brought allure of the e book : one is ‘ The Nobel Prizes’, the world’s most commemorated awards and the different is an exhaustive and fantastically explanatory Glossary, containing about 1700 words, alongside with etymology of many of them. 

Above and over all, this time the e book has been introduced in multicolour version with profuse color illustrations so as to amplify its clarity, understandability and legibility, in particular of the diagrams.

It is hoped that the existing book, in its revised and enlarged multicolour  form, would serve in a nonetheless higher way, the authors are keenly desirous of.

Gratitude is expressed to the college students and teachers, each from India and abroad, who have despatched in their treasured guidelines which have been given due consideration. 

We are genuinely grateful to our publishers, in particular to Shri Ravindra Kumar Gupta, the Managing Director of the firm, for his wholehearted cooperation and goodwill gesture accorded to.

The whole body of workers of the company  deserves perception for their unflinching help at some point of the gestation duration of this book. We are additionally deeply indebted to our personal  Mrs. Mithlesh K. Jain M.A., for her sustained help of this endeavour from its inception; her knowledge has made all the difference. 

In fact, we are grateful to our complete household for their patience, buoyancy and encouragement of this project which used to be greater exhausting than anticipated.

Healthy criticism and recommendations for similarly enhancement of the e book are solicited. Biochemistry is a new department of science which ambitions at answering, in chemical language, questions such as ‘What is the existence made of ?’ and ‘How does it work ?’ 

Whereas the eye works at the gross degree of seen objects, the microscope reaches down to the mobile level, exposing important points of the a number of phone organelles, along with nuclei and different particles. Biochemistry, however, works at a nonetheless finer stage that can't be accessed by using the present day optical or phase-contrast microscopes. 

In different words, it operates at a molecular degree and therefore brings to mild the hidden secrets and techniques of life. The fast improvement and sizable enlargement of each section of biochemistry has now not solely markedly enriched our know-how about the nature of lifestyles but has additionally made biochemistry the very language of lifestyles itself.

Realizing the paramount significance of this self-discipline of science, diploma publications in biochemistry are now presented in a appropriate wide variety of faculties and universities. But the college students providing this difficulty at  undergraduate degree come as uncooked hand, as biochemistry is no longer taught to them at the faculty level. 

It is, in fact, to meet the necessities of such college students that this e book has been written. Besides, the e book may also additionally serve an beneficial cause for greater studies.

The e book incorporates the primary thought of biochemistry written in a manner proper to the  vast spectrum of the university students. The count number has been lucidly presented, orderly organized and profusely illustrated. References have been covered at the stop of every chapter in order to information the reader to the classical and modern literature. 

A few appendices are given at the end. These may, however, show beneficial to the reader. Some illustrations have been tailored from general texts, journals and lookup papers. The sources of all such figures have been duly mentioned in their legends. The writer feels notably beholden to their authors and publishers.



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