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Gray's Surgical Anatomy

About Book

In the preface to the first version of his seminal anatomical text, Henry Gray wrote ‘This work is supposed to furnish the Student and Practitioner with an correct view of the Anatomy of the Human Body, and greater in particular the software of this science to Practical Surgery’. We share that objective. Human anatomy has now not modified in view that Gray's phrases had been written in 1858, however our grasp of anatomy and its utility to surgical operation has modified dramatically.

Anatomy is typically first encountered in the course of scientific school, traditionally in dissecting rooms and lecture halls, and increasingly, via interactive computerized applications. Anatomy educating does now not presently remember on cadaveric dissection to the extent that it did in the past, however instead locations higher reliance on three dimensional fashions or simulations, videos, move sectional imaging and many different novel instructing adjuncts. 

Some clinical faculties no longer make use of cadaveric dissections. Regardless of how anatomy is taught, as a result making use of that necessary foundational information to surgical exercise is vital to make sure the high-quality viable affected person outcomes.

The health practitioner should now not solely admire the intricacies of ‘in situ regular anatomy’, however additionally the anatomical variations that are encountered at some stage in surgery, ‘operative anatomy’. 

These discovered variations chiefly show up as a final result of adjustments in the particular areas of anatomical buildings that happen for the duration of surgery, special magnified far flung intraoperative anatomical views and surgical exposures, as nicely as distortion of everyday anatomy via the underlying pathology that is being treated.

An insufficient grasp of specified surgical anatomy at some stage in even frequent easy procedures, for instance when working inside the posterior triangle of the neck or on the floor of the hand, may also end result in iatrogenic injury to superficial buildings ensuing in doubtlessly everlasting morbidity. In this e book we have blended each ‘normal’ and

‘operative’ anatomy in order to furnish an specialist point of view on very unique areas of pastime and to meet the special modern anatomical getting to know wants of the surgeon.

Surgery is evolving at an extraordinarily fast rate. The affect of technology, enabling minimal get admission to processes and robotic operations, has revolutionized patients’ journeys, with shorter clinic stays, smaller or absent scars and increased postoperative outcomes. Robotic surgical operation aids surgical get right of entry to in approaches that had been now not believed to be viable as little as 15 years ago: will some open surgical procedures, for instance radical prostatectomy, nonetheless be carried out in the years to come?

In this e book we have added collectively a crew of specialists to furnish a special present day anatomical information for all surgical sub-specialties. The e book has been subdivided into seven sections. For ease of reading, every chapter has a frequent template that includes: key anatomical relationships, risks and pinnacle tips, self-assessment questions, and case histories. 
Anatomical and surgical movies are additionally furnished online, alongside with extra cloth no longer blanketed in the print model of the book.
Human factors, safer group working in approaches to reduce error in our each day exercise have additionally turn out to be so necessary that we have protected a chapter to increase awareness, and to additionally inspire surgeons to appear after themselves, in order to pleasant serve their patients.
Firstly, we would like to thank all the contributing authors and our part editors, Kumar Abhinav, Neel Anand, Ben Challacombe, Patricia Collins, David Richens, Alistair Ross, R Shane Tubbs and Peter Whitfield who introduced a wealth of scholarship and surgical and anatomical understanding to their roles as Section or Specialist Editors. 
We thank them for their dedication and enthusiastic guide in choosing and interacting with the authors in their Sections, and for supporting us to meet deadlines, no matter the ever-increasing needs on their time from scientific practice, sanatorium managers and different tutorial commitments.
We additionally thank the editorial crew at Elsevier, below the management of Jeremy Bowes, for their guidance, professionalism, excellent humor and unfailing assist over the final three years. 
In particular, we thank Joanne Scott, Wendy Lee and Joanna Souch for being accessible by means of phone or electronic mail to provide advice. We would additionally like to thank Richard Tibbitts and his clinical illustration crew at Elsevier who created many first-rate new figures for this book.
In this first version we understand that there will be areas that we have left out that warrant similarly attention. We would be delighted to hear from our readers with hints for extra fabric that they would like to be blanketed in future publication.
Finally, we renowned the influential and legendary work of Henry Gray and his fellow anatomist and illustrator, Henry Vandyke Carter, to whom anatomists and surgeons global will invariably owe a debt of gratitude.


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