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Modern Medical Toxicology

About Book

Modern Medical Toxicology (MMT) used to be conceived extra than 15 years in the past as an strive to current modern data on clinical factors of toxicology (especially analysis and management) to scientific college students and physicians. At the time it used to be first written, the solely records on clinical toxicology reachable used to be contained in the toxicology area of textbooks of forensic medicine, and as can be expected, an awful lot of it used to be outdated, flawed or inappropriate. 

Physicians treating poisoned and overdosed victims have been regularly in a catch 22 situation for correct guidelines, and had been compelled to flip to Western sources of records which did now not constantly help, because the toxicological state of affairs in the West was once (and continues to remain) absolutely exceptional from that which was once encountered in India.

The want for a e book solely designed to meet the wishes of Indian doctors used to be dire, and it was once at such a time that I wrote the first version of Modern Medical Toxicology, taking amazing care to comprise solely statistics that was once modern and virtually useful. In order to make it fascinating to scientific students, I had protected a range of case histories, anecdotes and quotations. 

But, over a duration of time, I realised that the data content material with regard to toxicology for medicos had expanded drastically in latest textbooks of forensic medicinal drug (a possible, fine fallout of MMT), and the focus, therefore, have to shift completely to physicians.

It is with this goal in idea that I have absolutely modified the layout of MMT in this new fourth edition, and jettisoned the occasional frivolity, conserving solely hardcore realistic statistics that would be of use to a clinician at the bedside of a poisoned/overdosed victim. 

Thus, the new version is shorn of historic cases, anecdotes and quotes, and embellished alternatively with particular and specific realistic pointers for managing poisoned/overdosed patients, with incorporation of several coloration images, many of them definitely authentic contributions from famend professionals in this field. 

I truely hope that this radical shift will notably advantage these whom this e book is now directed at: well-known physicians, emergency physicians, quintessential care specialists, intensivists, paediatricians, scientific pharmacologists, and of direction forensic scientific specialists and toxicologists.

I would be grateful for any feedback and necessary remarks that will serve to make subsequent variations even better. 

The want to write this e book originated from a close to catastrophic incidence about three years ago. One evening, my daughter (then aged eight months) swallowed some cockroach bait accidentally. We rushed her to the health center the place a belly wash used to be carried out. 

Following this, none of the physicians current (including myself) had an inkling as to what in addition need to be done. We did no longer even understand the actual elements of the bait that my daughter had swallowed. Though it later transpired that the substance, which occurred to be a newly brought insecticide, whilst being toxic to cockroaches used to be highly non-toxic to humans. My spouse and I spent a sleepless night time staring at our child’s situation with magnificent anxiety.

This incident added me face to face with the dismal actuality of lack of know-how and apathy on the phase of the clinical career in our USA in things bearing on to poisoning. Though toxicology is nowadays an essential section of medical medicinal drug in the West, it is generally ignored in India. 

This, notwithstanding the standard reality that instances of poisoning represent a full-size share of health center admissions. There is an pressing want for medical doctors in India as in different Third World nations to understand the significance of toxicology in scientific medicine. This e book is a humble contribution in the direction of producing such an activity and offering sensible suggestions in the remedy of poisoning. 

Though emphasis is on the scientific and pharmacological aspects, the e book although offers drastically with forensic implications. After all, nearly each and every case of poisoning has medicolegal overtones! Also, whilst the stress is on essential critical statistics on many times encountered poisons, an strive has been made to decorate readability by using which includes captivating minutiae (as Accessory Points), and landmark case histories involving the use or misuse of toxic substances.

I have consulted innumerable journals and treatises for current standards in toxicology and have in addition corresponded with all principal pharmaceutical agencies and forensic science laboratories in India for data concerning to a variety of aspects. I hope all this has been worthwhile. 

If this e book is determined to be in reality beneficial via scientific students, docs and all others involved with toxicological matters, my efforts would have been vindicated. Suggestions and criticism for enhancing this e book (which by using no ability is flawless) in subsequent versions would be mainly welcome. 


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