MRCOG Part 1; 400 SBA's (2nd Edition) free pdf

In this Blog, you can easily download free pdf of MRCOG Part 1; 400 SBA's (2nd Edition), edited by Katherine Andersen, Tara Woodward, William Dooley.

MRCOG Part 1; 400 SBA's (2nd Edition)

About Book 

We are delighted to existing MRCOG Part 1: four hundred SBAs, Second Edition. The structure of the questions used in the examination has modified seeing that the e-book of the first version to consist completely of single quality solutions (SBAs). This revised 2d version displays the new format.

This e book covers the breadth of the MRCOG Part 1 syllabus, permitting the candidate to work via all concern areas earlier than trying full size variations of Paper 1 and two underneath timed conditions. Within the reply sections, references are made to the cutting-edge evidence-based practice, and tables and diagrams are used to resource in the assimilation of this information.

The philosophy of the e book stays the same; by using training questions in a systematic manner, candidates will construct their self assurance and be in a position to method the examination understanding they have protected the syllabus. Passing the MRCOG Part 1 stays a primary achievement, however we trust that with gorgeous preparation, success at the first sitting is achievable.

The Membership of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (MRCOG) stays the cornerstone for the evaluation of expertise required by means of trainee physicians in the UK. 

Passing the exam is a prerequisite for development thru the structured education programme toward the Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) and entry on to the Specialist Register. The general of the examination stays excessive and the curriculum is based totally on UK practice.

The MRCOG Part 1 examination can be taken at any time after commencement however it have to be handed earlier than the transition from ST2 to ST3 of the coaching programme. This e book targets to grant an examination revision information for trainee physicians in STl and ST2, and global candidates making ready to sit down the exam.

For global graduates frequently working backyard of regarded coaching programmes, it is a difficult examination to pass. Despite this, many global graduates proceed to take the examination knowing that success will show the acquisition of expertise to a excessive standard, which will decorate the cure of the girls and infants in their care.

The MRCOG Part 1 has modified in the closing few years. It has constantly tested the understanding base in all the primary sciences as they pertain to obstetrics and gynaecology, however the examination now contains solely single first-class solutions (SBAs). This approves the syllabus to be examined in a extra clinically relevant manner. 

Doctors planning to take the examination have to comprehend how to reply the SBA format, and for this they require examination method and medical knowledge.

In this 2nd version there are four hundred SBAs - 25% greater than in the first - which have been updated to account for modifications in exercise and guidelines. Covering all the core sciences as nicely as contemporary RCOG medical endorsed practice, MRCOG Part 7: four hundred SBAs, Second Edition affords a complete revision useful resource with beneficial explanations after every question. At the lower back of the e book there are two exercise papers for readers to take a look at their information and practise examination technique.

Exam revision recommendation
Exam structure

The MRCOG Part 1 examination is composed of Paper 1 and Paper two Each paper consists of a hundred single great reply (SBA) questions and is equally weighted with SO% of the marks on hand for each. Each paper ought to be accomplished inside two hours and thirty minutes (1 SO minutes).

Single excellent reply (SBA) questions

SBAs incorporate of three components: a stem (most normally a clinically applicable vignette), a lead in query and 5 reply options. The reply selections are homogenous and are introduced in alphabetical or numerical order for ease of reference.

Candidates need to examine the query cautiously then choose the single most fantastic reply from the 5 options. The nature of a SBA capability that there are 4 distractors surrounding the right answer. Of the 4 distractors, there might also be one or two distractors which can fairly be recognized as incorrect. 

There are additionally in all likelihood to be one or two distractors that are conceivable answers. At this factor candidates will want to study the stem and lead in query again, then make a judgement as to which reply matches best.

How to use this e book

We agree with that one of the first-rate methods to revise for the exam, and critical to passing at the first attempt, is to work via exercise questions once more and again. In this way, self assurance will be received with the new query structure and the full curriculum will be covered.

We have covered two mock examination papers at the stop of the book, which can be done beneath timed prerequisites to grant a appropriate feel of the time constraints of the actual exam. Allow two and a 1/2 hours to sit down every paper.

Finally, having a learn about pal is a proper way to maximise examination preparation. In addition to preserving every different on track, you will be in a position to assist with areas of the curriculum that your pal may also be struggling with. We studied for the examination together, which gave us focus, a timetable to maintain to and some pleasant competitiveness to make certain we took our examination training seriously.


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