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Ramadas Pathology 2nd Edition

About Book 

Pathology is a rapidly-expanding and ever-changing discipline and lays the basis for appreciation diseases. This e book is an pastime to current the full-size understanding of pathology in a lucid manner for undergraduate scientific college students and those undergoing coaching in paramedical courses. 

The important goal of this e book is to supply a sound expertise of pathology and hence provide perception into etiology, pathogenesis, pathology and the ailment course. Every try has been made to present information in a simplified textual content augmented with the use of coloured illustrations, tables, textual content containers and flowcharts. 

I have the pleasure of supplying the 2nd version of e book which has grow to be famous inside a few months of publishing the first version titled Exam Preparatory Manual for Undergraduates—Pathology. There was once honest request from all students, staffs, my buddies and colleagues to encompass hematology area and dietary disorders. 

Hence, hematology and clinical pathology is introduced as a new Section two and dietary problems as Chapter 9. There used to be a terrific expand in the understanding of molecular pathology and equal is highlighted in all the applicable chapters. 

Thus, this version is completely revised, updated, higher illustrated and a whole guide for scoring excessive marks in all pathology examinations. In a few chapters, figures and illustrations have been changed by way of higher nice photomicrographs or illustrations.


This e book consists of 28 chapters and is prepared into three sections specifically typical pathology, hematology and clinical pathology, and systemic pathology.

Section 1—General pathology: It presents an overview of the simple pathologic mechanisms underlying illnesses including cellular adaptations, inflammation, wound healing, continual inflammation, hemodynamic disorders, immunological disorders, neoplasia, genetics and dietary disorders.

Section 2—Hematology and scientific pathology: It consists of sickness of pink cells, disease of white cells and disorders of hemostasis and medical pathology crucial for the undergraduate students. This used to be an extra area which was not introduced in the first version of the book. 

With its introduction, this e book turns into a entire examination guide for all students. However, college students are requested to go thru the 2d version of the e book titled Essentials in Hematology and Clinical Pathology authored through Dr Ramadas Nayak and Dr Sharada Rai for special know-how of hematology and clinical pathology.

Section 3—Systemic pathology: It offers with systemic pathology with chapters dedicated to ailments of a range of organ systems including vascular, cardiac, respiratory, gastrointestinal, liver and biliary tract, pancreas, kidney, male and girl genital tract, bones, endocrines, pores and skin and central fearful system.

After many years (more than 36 years) of instructing undergraduates, I located that undergraduate college students discover it difficult to understand, be mindful and reply the questions throughout examinations, in a enjoyable way. 

There are many pathology textbooks, however undergraduates face subject to refresh their know-how at some point of examinations. This e book fills the niche, to provide fundamental records to an undergraduate in a nutshell. 

The textual content affords all the fundamental records the scholar will ever want to know. Keywords are proven in daring phrases so that scholar can swiftly go via the e book on the previous day or simply earlier than the examination. Most college students are essentially “visually oriented”. As the announcing “one photograph is worth a thousand words”, it stimulated me to grant many illustrations.

How to use this book

I advocate that this e book to be used by way of all college students for perception the simple information and refresh their knowledge during examinations. The readers are requested to provide greater emphasis on phrase in daring letters which represents the key phrases to be remembered. 

One of the objectives of the college students after getting undergraduate diploma is to fetch a good ranking in the postgraduate entrance examination. Most graduates can't reply more than one desire questions (MCQs) in entrance examination via simply studying the regular textbooks in pathology. 

In this book, textual content bins have been designed to provide statistics beneficial in answering these MCQs. Commonly anticipated pathology questions in the course of undergraduate examination is additionally supplied at applicable places. This e book can serve as a supply of speedy evaluation of pathology for even postgraduates in pathology.

Numerous illustrations, gross photographs, photomicrographs, tables, textual content boxes, glide charts and X-rays have been incorporated for effortless appreciation of the subject. Appendices supply a number of essential our bodies and its associated conditions and essential cells in quite a number lesions and pathognomonic buildings in diseases. In this version Appendix 3 is blanketed for the reference values of a variety of frequent and essential laboratory tests. 


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