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Selective Anatomy Volume II

About Book 

The Medical Council of India has decreased the period of educating of 1st yr MBBS direction from 1½ years to 1 year. It has additionally delivered the precise sample of questions such as lengthy and quick reply questions, quick notes, drawing and labeling of diagrams, imparting anatomical, embryological, and genetic groundwork of medical issues and MCQs.

Each pupil tries his/her nice to clear the examination. However, many college students do now not comprehend how to existing the solutions thinking about the marks allotted.

This e book is in question-answer structure in two volumes. Volume I covers the syllabus of Paper I, whilst Volume II offers with the syllabus of Paper II.

Having forty years of instructing journey and being an examiner in a variety of scientific schools and institutions, I have put my fine effort in deciding on regularly requested questions (FAQs) and tried to reply them in a concise manner perfect to most of the examiners. Most of the diagrams are drawn through myself to make certain the accuracy and to see that they are without problems reproduced by way of the college students in examination.

Although, in the beginning I used to be a bit hesitant to write a e book in query and reply layout however later my sense of right and wrong allowed me to do so because the sole goal of a instructor is to remedy the issues confronted by way of the college students and encourage them to grow to be exact doctors.

I hope that this e book will in reality resolve the troubles of college students and relieve them from pre-examination stress. However, the pupil have to be conscious that this e book is supposed solely for revision motive and now not to substitute the popular textbooks.

I am assured this e book will serve the reason for which it meant.

Lastly I will pretty respect feedback each exact and horrific about the e book from each college students and college due to the fact that will assist me to enhance the e book in future.

There has been a lengthy felt want of a complete e book on regularly occurring anatomy which would systematically give an explanation for now not solely the primary concepts of anatomical structures, however additionally the relationships and features of these constructions inside the human physique in each wholesome and diseased states.

The explosion in understanding of ailments and the technological advances associated with prognosis and cure in the previous decade or so has necessitated a radical restructuring of the anatomy curriculum for medical, dental, nursing and paramedical students. 

As a result, the present-day curriculum of anatomy is extra integrated, clinically oriented and gadget based. This has additionally created the want for a new textbook reflecting these changes.

This e book is organized in the mild of the current curriculum modifications preserving in view the time dispensed for anatomy teaching. Throughout the guidance of this book, the simple theme stored in thought is that anatomical information is required for perform­ing bodily examination and diagnostic procedures. 

Thus, whilst anatomical small print of little medical relevance have been omit­ted, clinically oriented topographic anatomy bearing on to diagnostic and surgical techniques is included. The histological fea­tures and developmental components have been cited anywhere they facilitate an grasp of gross structure/functions of organs and incidence of congenital anomalies.

In the present-day scenario, there is an alarming extend in troubles related with the backbone (vertebral column). Unfor­tunately, most books do no longer deal with it as an unbiased entity. In this book, therefore, a separate chapter has been supplied on the vertebral column. 

Further, vital advances have taken region in genetics and radiodiagnosis and it has come to be im­perative for scientific college students to have an overview of scientific genetics and imaging anatomy earlier than going thru their scientific courses. For this reason, fundamentals of clinical genetics and imaging anatomy are protected in this volume.

Most clinical schools and facilities comply with the regional strategy to instruct gross anatomy in order to make it surgically rele­vant. As a result, college students regularly fail to enhance the systemic thought to apprehend clinical problems. 

This volume, therefore, affords an overview of systemic anatomy and lays the basis for the learn about of gross anatomy via the regional ap­proach in the subsequent volumes.

The chapters of this quantity have been so structured to make the textual content consumer friendly, facilitating equipped get admission to to the required cloth and easy waft of knowledge. The chapters are prepared in phrases of the following components:

• Chapter Outline: extensively offers the contents of every chapter.
• Learning Objectives: point out the stage of competency a scholar is supposed to attain.
• Text: presents correct and updated data on the subject, in a visually appealing, fascinating and easy manner.
• Clinical Correlations: provide medical records of sensible cost and toughen the significance of theoretical studying in daily medical situations.
• N.B.: gives principles of excessive tutorial price in a easy way.
• Golden Facts to Remember: lists vital records wished for performing in PG entrance examinations, PLAB, USMLE, etc.
• Multiple Choice Questions: at the give up of every chapter would assist the reader verify his perception and learning.
• Tables and Flowcharts: summarize the records and existing complicated statistics in a easier manner.
• Illustrations: shape the spine of the book, anatomy being a descriptive science. All illustrations have been cautiously drawn-for conceptual readability and accuracy. They have been designed to combine properly with the textual content to maximize learning.


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