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    Textbook Of Advanced Nursing Practice free pdf

    In this Blog, you can easily download free pdf of Textbook Of Advanced Nursing Practice edited by Navdeep Kaur Brar & HC Rawat

    Textbook Of Advanced Nursing Practice

    About Book 

    A new millennium evokes hope that humankind at closing will meet one of its important challenges—that of assuring get admission to to low-cost healthcare for each individual. As reforms emerge, a nurse’s function will be the central one in shaping the policies, buildings and practices to improve access.

    Advanced Practice Nursing (APN) is the time period used to outline a stage of nursing exercise that uses comprehensive skills, journey and understanding in nursing care. Advanced Practice Registered Nurses, whether they are nurse practitioners, scientific nurse specialists, nurse anesthetists, or nurse midwives, play a pivotal function in the future of healthcare.

    In this Textbook of Advanced Nursing Practice, we have tried our stage first-rate to cowl all the elements of ANP.

    An necessary characteristic of this e book is that it covers the Advanced Nursing Practice curriculum. After going through the necessary want of students, we have written this e book in accordance to the modern-day syllabus of INC.

    This textbook includes ten devices as per syllabi:

    Unit I Nursing as a Profession

    Unit II Healthcare Delivery

    Unit III Genetics

    Unit IV Epidemiology

    Unit V Biopsychosocial Pathology

    Unit VI Philosophy and Theories of Nursing

    Unit VII Nursing Process Approach

    Unit VIII Psychological Aspects and Human Relations

    Unit IX Nursing Practice

    Unit X Computer Applications for Patient Care Delivery System and Nursing Practice

    Unit I offers with nursing history, profession, function of regulatory bodies, code of ethics, criminal and ethical issues in nursing, function of research, education, administration and instructional preparation.

    Unit II covers all the techniques of healthcare shipping machine in India, whilst Unit III covers all matters related to Genetics together with abnormalities and approaches. Unit IV explains all elements of Epidemiology. 

    Unit V is pretty large overlaying pathogenesis, clinical problems, contamination manipulate and EBP. Philosophies and theories are mentioned in element in Unit VI. 

    Unit VII covers the complete nursing method stepwise in element along with data collection, goal, assessment, nursing intervention and evaluation. Unit VIII consists of lifestyles processes, personality development and disorders, stress and management, sleep and care of dying.

    Unit IX covers the vast areas of nursing exercise such as CAM, prolonged and increased function of the nurses and INP and Gender issues. Unit X consists of the fundamentals to computers, HIS and use of computers.

    We have furnished the diagrams and tables for handy understanding. We hope this e book will be preferred by students and teachers. We will constantly respect the feedback and recommendations for enhancing this book.


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