Textbook Of Anatomy (Abdomen & Lower Limb) 2nd Edition

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Textbook Of Anatomy (Abdomen, Lower Limb) 2nd Edition

About Book 

This textbook on stomach and decrease limb has been cautiously deliberate for the first 12 months MBBS students. It follows the revised anatomy curriculum of the Medical Council of India. Following the present day tendencies of clinically-oriented learn about of Anatomy,  I have adopted a parallel method – that of imparting primary anatomical expertise to college students and concurrently imparting them its utilized aspects.

To assist college students rating excessive in examinations the textual content is written in easy language. It is organized in effortlessly understandable small sections. While anatomical important points of little scientific relevance, phylogenetic discussions, and comparative analogies have been omitted, all clinically vital subjects are described in detail. 

Brief debts of histological facets and developmental components have been given solely the place they resource in grasp of gross structure and feature of organs and look of frequent congenital anomalies. The tables and flowcharts summarize essential and complicated statistics into digestible knowledge-capsules. 

Multiple desire questions have been given chapter-by-chapter at the quit of the e book to check the degree of perception and reminiscence recall of the students. The several easy 4-color illustrations in addition aid in quickly comprehension and retention of elaborate information. All the illustrations are drawn through the creator himself to make sure accuracy.

Throughout the coaching of this e book one issue I have saved in thought is that anatomical expertise is required by using clinicians and surgeons for bodily examination, diagnostic tests, and surgical procedures. Therefore, topographical anatomy applicable  to diagnostic and surgical techniques is clinically correlated in the course of the text. 

Further, Clinical Case Study is furnished at the quit of every chapter for problem-based mastering (PBL) so that the college students may want to use their anatomical know-how in scientific situations. Moreover, the records is organized domestically on account that whilst assessing lesions and performing surgical procedures, the clinicians come upon region-based anatomical features. 

Due to propensity of fractures, dislocations, and peripheral nerve lesions in the decrease limb there is in-depth dialogue on joints and peripheral nerves. Similarly due to excessive incidence of stomach hernias and tumors involving abdominopelvic viscera, the inguinal location and belly viscera are described in detail.

The stomach is the decrease phase of the trunk under the diaphragm. Its partitions encompass a massive cavity referred to as the belly cavity. The stomach cavity is tons greater substantial than what it seems from the outside. It extends upward deep to the costal margin up to the diaphragm and downward inside the bony pelvis. 

Thus, a sizable phase of the stomach cavity is overlapped with the aid of the decrease section of the thoracic cage above and by way of the bony pelvis below.

The belly cavity is subdivided by way of the aircraft of the pelvic inlet into a large top part, i.e., the stomach cavity proper, and a smaller decrease part, i.e., the pelvic cavity.

Clinically the time period stomach cavity stands for stomach cavity proper.

Clinically the significance of the stomach is manifold. To the physician, the bodily examination of the affected person is by no means entire till he/she fully examines the abdomen.

To the surgeon, the stomach stays an enigma due to the fact in wide variety of instances the reason of belly ache and nature of stomach lump stays inconclusive even after all viable investigations. To the obstetrician and gynecologist, the examination of the pelvis and perineum is extraordinarily important. 

To the venereologist, the primary territory of examination is restricted to the exterior genitalia. To summarize, many branches of medicinal drug such as customary surgery, gastroenterology, nephrology, urology, obstetrics, gynecology, and venereology are all restricted to the abdomen.

It is with terrific pleasure that I categorical my gratitude to all college students and instructors who appreciated, used, and advocated the first version of this book. It is due to the fact of their guide that the e book used to be reprinted three instances seeing that its first booklet in 2011.

The big success of this e book displays enchantment of its clear, un-clustered presentation of the anatomical textual content supplemented with the aid of best easy line diagrams, which may want to be effortlessly drawn through college students in the examination and scientific correlations supplying the anatomical, embryological, and genetic foundation of scientific stipulations considered in daily lifestyles in medical practice.

Based on a giant range of pointers from college students and fellow academicians, the textual content has been notably revised. Many new line diagrams and halftone figures have been brought and before diagrams have been updated.

I extensively recognize the optimistic hints that I obtained from previous and existing college students and colleagues for enhancement of the content material of this book. I do now not declare to absolute originality of the textual content and figures different than the new mode of presentation and expression.

Once again, I total heartedly thank students, teachers, and fellow anatomists for inspiring me to lift out the revision. I simply hope that they will discover this version extra fascinating and beneficial than the preceding one. I would particularly admire feedback and guidelines from college students and instructors for similarly enhancement of this book.


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