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Textbook Of Medical Biochemistry 8th Edition

About Book

It is a wonderful pleasure to existing the Eighth Edition of Textbook of Medical Biochemistry to our liked instructors and students.

The principal framework of the e book has been retained, besides a good deal changes, new additions have been made, some parts rewritten in sure chapters.

Few instructors desired that the college query kinds and MCQs be introduced at the cease of every chapter which have been in existence in first three variants however later eliminated to limit pages. To quote, "I recommend that quick kind of questions and more than one preference questions need to be covered at the stop of every chapter in future version of the book." We have covered the identical in the subjects pertaining to MBBS.

We experience assured that this version will fulfil the requirement of the undergraduate college students as per MCI hints and additionally meet the wants and expectations of postgraduate college students of Biochemistry. As the e book is clinically oriented, it will be of lots assist to PG college students of different disciplines, viz. Pathology/medicine/pediatrics, etc.

Colour printing has been used to make the e book greater attractive, convenient recording and highlighting the essential parts like Clinical Aspects/Significance and Biochemistry Importance.

The general objective of the e book has been to furnish concise but authoritative insurance on the fundamentals of Biochemistry with medical method to apprehend the ailment processes. The necessary factors in the textual content to be remembered by using the college students have been highlighted in daring and italicized prints.

We do now not declare to the perfect. Errors/mistakes might also creep-up due to oversight/or printing errors. We shall appear ahead for any precious remarks and beneficial recommendations from instructors and college students so that blunders are rectified and hints are taken into account for future.

Biochemistry holds a key function in the curricula of scientific schools below Indian universities, and is one of the fundamental preclinical science topics for first expert MBBS students.

Biochemistry is being converted with outstanding rapidity and cutting-edge efflorescence in the know-how in this challenge has necessitated that it must be learnt one by one from physiology. The three primary science topics make a plinth for the residence of medicine. A sound and complete studying of biochemistry will assist a scientific pupil recognize medicinal drug and pathology extra clearly.

A massive quantity of books on biochemistry for clinical college students are accessible in the market—both worldwide and Indian. Many of the global books are voluminous and too hard for our college students of remedy to manage and comprehend.

The Textbook of Medical Biochemistry for the clinical college students is the consequence of the joint efforts of a clinical and a nonmedical biochemist, who possess enormous trip in educating biochemistry to undergraduate and postgraduate clinical college students of Indian universities.

We have tried our utmost to make certain that the language used is lucid and simple, makes an easy-reading, and the textual content offers an smart and complete study. At the identical time, we have tried to hold a excessive widespread after incorporating the latest trends and concepts.

Though the e book is specially supposed for the first expert MBBS students, positive chapters have been dealt with in increased element to meet the necessities of postgraduates, viz. MSc, MD (Biochemistry) college students and these making ready for Diplomate in NBE. It meets the necessities of college students of medical, dental science, agricultural science, domestic science, and others who have to take a simple route in biochemistry.

The textual content of the e book is unfold over forty chapters and unique point out has been made to introduce to the reader some current matters such as cyclic nucleotides—cyclic AMP and cyclic GMP, prostaglandins, prostacyclins, thromboxane's and leukotrienes, immunoglobulins, recombinant DNA technology, scientific magnitude of enzymes and isoenzymes, radioisotopes and their medical and therapeutic uses, etc.

Recently, a lot significance has been given to self-study via college students in small corporations and to keep away from or to avert to the minimal the typical way of getting to know based totally on “didactic” lectures. Keeping this in view, we have protected in the starting of every chapter the “major concepts” and “specific objectives” of the chapter for the statistics of the readers so that clinical college students recognize what to find out about and learn. 

The textual content of every chapter has been written maintaining in view the goals so that college students can make a self-study. We desire to emphasize that these are “behavioral objectives” and are self-explanatory.

In our numerous years of educating experience, we have discovered that clinical college students have a “fear-complex” that biochemistry entails too many structural formulae and chemical equations. Though this is unavoidable to some extent for ideal grasp of the subject, we have tried to preclude the chemical formulae to the minimal and used them to provide an explanation for positive reactions.

At the give up of every chapter we have given “essay type” or “short notes type” questions which we have compiled from the examination papers of distinctive Indian universities. It will be viewed that there is repetition of some questions, however the framing of the query and language is different.

We have additionally tried to provide some 15 to 30 MCQs (with solutions at the end) in every chapter which may also be beneficial for the scientific college students for their homework.

While writing the chapters and compiling the questions, we have consulted syllabi of countless Indian universities to cowl all the matters prescribed for undergraduate and postgraduate clinical students. We have blanketed a giant wide variety of tables and comparative discussions at any place feasible to meet the wishes of the students. 

Our intention has been to grant a comprehensive, self-contained textbook of biochemistry to correctly fulfill the curricular necessities of clinical college students of Indian universities.

In addition, our principal goal has been to make the e book clinically-oriented. We have given the scientific value and biomedical significance anywhere it is applicable. Biochemical elements of sure pathological conditions, specifically these due to odd metabolism, have been mentioned in detail. We earnestly hope that the e book will be of assist to each the undergraduate and postgraduate scientific college students and their teachers.

No one can be perfect, and there should have been some flaws or shortcomings in the book. We will welcome optimistic criticism and comments, if any, alongside with fruitful pointers to enhance the textual content in its future editions.

In writing a textbook of this nature, one has to take assist from others and this e book is no exception. We are exceptionally indebted to our colleagues and friends, and different authors whom we have consulted in compiling this book.


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