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Concise Textbook of Dermatology

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The phrase “ecology” is of Greek starting place and is composed of two separate words: “Oikos”, which means household, and “Logos”, which means management.1 Thus, ecology, in easy words, is administration of lifestyles at home. 

The equilibrium that exists between residing organisms and their surroundings is known as an “ecosystem”. In different words, ecology is the find out about of the environmental residence which include the residing organism and innate objects in it, their mutual coexistence, their feature and conduct in relation to every other. 

The “ecology of health” is the find out about of the relationship between versions in man’s surroundings and his country of health.1

In their quest for improvement and technological advancement, human beings have been editing and polluting their environment. In addition, issues created via the populace explosion, city migration, overcrowding, illiteracy, poverty, hunger and deforestation have resulted in stipulations deleterious to human health. 

In fact, ecological elements are at the root of the geographic distribution of diseases. Therefore, it has been stated that exact public fitness is excellent ecology.1

Epidemiology has regularly been equated with ecology, the essential big difference between the two being that epidemiology is the find out about of the relationship between variants in man’s surroundings and his country of fitness and disease, whereas ecology embraces the interrelationship of all dwelling and nonliving things. 

In this regard, epidemiology constitutes an exceptional software of human ecology or that phase of ecology pertaining to the country of human health.1

Ecologically, fitness has been described as a nation of dynamic equilibrium or adjustment between man and his environment.1 When this equilibrium is disturbed sick fitness results. Essentially, three epidemiological elements are worried in disorder occurrence, viz. agent, host and environment, often referred to as the epidemiological “ecological triad”. 

Disease can't show up in the absence of any of these factors, which, running in combination, decide now not solely the incidence of a disease, ranging from a remoted case to an epidemic, however additionally its distribution in the community. To recognize the impact of ecology on pores and skin illnesses in India it is essential to recognize sure information about the country.

tuberculosis in India,29 childhood instances constituted 18.7% of the sufferers with cutaneous tuberculosis and the incidence in this age team (0–10 years) various widely: 21.2% in Chandigarh, 20.4% in Varanasi, and 12.8% in Delhi. In distinction to adults, ladies outnumbered boys in this group. 

Scrofuloderma was once the most typical structure of presentation probable due to consumption of unboiled/unpasteurized milk. TBVC was once viewed in 4% and tuberculous gumma in 1.3% in contrast to an incidence of 6% and 5.4% in adults in India. 

Tuberculides had been viewed in 1.3 in teenagers versus 6.8% in adults. Disseminated sickness was once considered in 21.3% of each youth and adults. Mantoux reactivity did now not correlate with the extent of disease.

With a floor vicinity of two m2 and accounting for 16% to 20% of the complete physique weight, the pores and skin is the greatest organ of the body. It is composed of epithelial tissue (the dermis and dermis) and adipose tissue (the hypodermis). 

The accent buildings encompass hair, nails, and a massive range of glands and sensory receptors. The undersurface of the dermis and the dermoepidermal junction undulate, with ridges of the dermis (rete ridges) projecting into the dermis. The components of the dermis in between these rete ridges structure the dermal papillae.


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