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In this Blog, you can easily download free pdf of Kanski's Clinical Ophthalmology 9th Edition, edited by John F. Salmon

Kanski's Clinical Ophthalmology

About Book 

In supplying this new version of Kanski’s Clinical Ophthalmology, I am reminded of a citation from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: “What is the use of a book”, thinking Alice, “without photographs or conversations?”. 

The ninth version of this traditional textbook is stuffed with lovely illustrations and consider-able records and is meant to be a beneficial and complete groundwork for conventional ophthalmic practice. It has been a privilege to work on this fantastic e book and I am grateful to Jack Kanski and the workforce of Elsevier for entrusting me with the task.

The task has been to cowl the whole discipline of ophthalmology for a global target market except relying on subspecialists to put together every chapter. In order to do this, I have maintained Jack Kanski’s special method of providing core scientific information in a systemic and succinct form. 

Brad Bowling has had a significant have an impact on the two preceding variations and his accuracy and meticulous interest to element has been extraordinarily helpful. I have reverted to the layout that was once used in the sixth version via beginning with a preliminary chapter on examination techniques. Special investigations stay in the chapters the place they are most relevant.

Each chapter has been up to date and the contemporary evidence-based diagnostic and therapeutic methods have been covered, including genetics, immunotherapy and imaging techniques. Many new illustrations have been brought and higher examples of a vary of stipulations have been used. Jack Kanski’s thinking of inclusive of essential ‘tips’ has been reintroduced. 

I have protected enough realistic records for trainees to manipulate frequent ophthalmic stipulations in the health facility and ample element on uncommon prerequisites to allow them to put together for their examinations barring resorting to the internet.

I have been extraordinarily lucky to have obtained assist from colleagues previous and present, to whom I want to categorical my grateful thanks. The photographers and lookup group of workers at the Oxford Eye Hospital have been splendidly supportive. Jack Kanski generously gave me his large series of images. My pals in South Africa, Tony Murray (strabismus) and Trevor Carmichael (cornea), supplied assist with the textual content and photos of pathology that are now not without problems observed in developed countries. 

I obtained many pix from Jonathan Norris and Elizabeth Insull (oculoplastic), Darius Hildebrand and Manoj Parulekar (pediatrics), Peter Issa and Christine Kire (medical retina), Bertil Damato (ocular oncology), Martin Leyland (corneal surgery), C.K. Patel (vitreoretinal surgery), Patsy Terry (ultrasound) and Pieter Pretorius (neuroradiology). Mitch Ménage furnished true photos of frequent conditions. 

Aude Ambresin and Carl Herbort (Switzerland) furnished contemporary retinal images. I have saved many of the splendid photos that Chris Barry and Simon Cheng (Australia) furnished for the eighth edition. Single examples of uncommon stipulations have been kindly furnished through a quantity of colleagues in the course of the United Kingdom and someplace else and their contribution has been identified subsequent to the snap shots provided. 

Other persons have helped considerably with preceding variations of Clinical Ophthalmology, inclusive of Terry Tarrant, the artist who produced the meticulous ocular paintings. I additionally want to thank Kim Benson, Sharon Nash, Kayla Wolfe, Julie Taylor, Anne Collett and the manufacturing group at Elsevier.

The ninth version of Kanski’s Clinical Ophthalmology should no longer have been produced in the time reachable barring the assist of my assistant, Carolyn Bouter, whose resilience, diligence, Genius and ability had been evident all through the 6 months that she labored with me. 

I have additionally had the accurate fortune to work with Jonathan Brett, a world-class photographer and artist, whose genius is existing in heaps of the photographs covered in this edition. My wife, Susie, has been extraordinarily supportive for the duration of this task and her blissful and beneficial nature has made the undertaking a fine and fun experience.


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