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This is the 1/3 time that I was once requested to write a foreword to Dr Mohan's Textbook, and once more I am at a loss for phrases to competently specific my enthusiasm for this e book which has such a lengthy records of excellence. 

Over all these years spanning the preceding six editions, it has served as an introduction to scientific medication to generations of clinical students, and I am certain that it will proceed in that feature way into the twenty first century. 

A e book of this caliber does no longer want introductions, forewords and endorsements for its non-stop success. Its cost has been tested over and over once more through these for whom it used to be written and these who have used it in its preceding editions—the clinical college students and their professors.

For the new edition, Dr Mohan has totally revised his preceding text, increasing it with novel statistics chosen judiciously from each laboratory and scientific lookup papers. Yet the simple shape of the e book stays unchanged, with an unconditional dedication to the systematic insurance of the basics, robust scientific underpinning, and a top feel for didactics. It displays the author's lifelong trip in the lecture room and his ardors for instructing of pathology to clinical students. 

The textual content is illustrated with informative artists' drawings and photographs. It additionally incorporates highlighted precis packing containers and treasured tables. At the give up of every chapter there are medical cases, designed to stimulate in addition research and discussions. The condensed Quick Review Book, appended to the textbook as a lagniappe, will stay alluring to scientific college students getting ready for their examinations.

In a brief foreword of this kind, it is no longer viable to point out all the robust factors of this textbook. It need to suffice to say that Dr Mohan's Textbook has retained all the aspects which have made preceding versions so famous with clinical college students and their instructors alike. 

It was once masterfully up to date and with the new didactic factors it will be even extra appealing to its readers. It will stay an critical must-have for all clinical undergraduate students, serving them as a pathfinder and bridge throughout their transition from fundamental scientific sciences to medical medicine.

As I sit down down to put my ideas into phrases for the seventh revised version of my Textbook of Pathology, I seem again with delight how this e book has grown phenomenally considering that its modest commencing in 1992. 

During these years, successive versions of the textbook have delivered me nearer to enumerable well-wishers, received me life-long friends, rewarded me with recognize and belief of my colleagues, acquired me advantages of senior professionals, and earned me affection of innumerable college students and fans. It has been certainly extraordinarily enjoyable experience so far. 

At the equal time, such an abiding believe via customers of preceding variations of my textbook simply places an exhausting accountability on me to come up to their expectations and make it higher with each new edition. It is this motivation and zeal which I pursued whilst making ready the totally changed and up to date seventh revised version which I am thrilled to existing to users.

Diagnostic pathology has been developing exponentially with advances in molecular methods, cytogenetics and immunology, without the equipped availability of immunohistochemistry. In fact, in the modern era, immunophenotyping and cytogenetics have been advocated as defining standards for classification, prognosis and prognostication of developing variety of cancers. 

In such a scenario, it is pretty herbal that undergraduate college students of pathology have to be made conscious of what is going on in the realm of diagnostic science whilst at the equal time now not forgetting to lose keep of the critical factors of pathology of diseases. 

Thus, for novices in pathology, for whom this textbook is exceptionally meant, a balanced method for getting to know of pathology is encouraged i.e. the college students have to study fundamental morphologic pathology inclusive of latest information of etiology and pathogenesis of diseases, and concurrently they need to recognize the contribution of modern-day diagnostic strategies stated above toward attaining the aim of an goal ‘final diagnosis’ that is prognostically applicable as well. 

This philosophy for educating and gaining knowledge of of pathology has been accompanied in the current version however besides worrying the simple structure of the book.

Some of the Key Features of the Seventh Edition are as follows:

Revised and Updated Text Most of the subjects in chapters have passed through revision and updating of a range of factors of ailments consisting of their more recent reasons and current mechanisms by using insertion of modern-day data between the lines. 

Emphasis has additionally been positioned on modern diagnostic modalities in a easy and lucid manner. In doing so, the simple generic fashion of the book—simple, easy-to-understand and reproduce the difficulty matter, and emphasis on readability and accuracy, has no longer been disturbed. Considering their utility, a dozen new tables have been introduced in special chapters in the revised version whilst many others have been updated.

Reorganisation of the Book The redistribution of the textbook into three sections (General Pathology, Haematology and Lymphoreticular Tissues, and Systemic Pathology) finished in the preceding version has been extensively normal and favored for its ease for finding fabric and has, therefore, been retained. In order to make house for addition of new information, matters of ordinary mobile shape and feature and laboratory strategies have been relocated, after enhancing them, to applicable chapters to which they belong.

Newer and Revised Images Morphologic pathology has continually been considered as a extraordinarily visible department of medicine, and therefore, there is usually want and scope of doing extra and making this issue higher in the new edition. In the revised edition, many more modern illustrations have been introduced whilst some historical ones have been changed with higher exceptional pix or increased after disposing of their shortcomings. 

Inboxes have been integrated in some photomicrographs for a close-up microscopic view. In general, the effort has been to provide gentle and eye-catching colorations for soothing visible seem to be to the new edition.

Gist Boxes In the revised edition, at the stop of each theme a quick precis of the difficulty blanketed has been given. These  ‘Gist Boxes’ (226 in all) consist of salient must-know facets of the protected subject matter in bulleted factors for a fast revision in ultrashort time. These Gist Boxes have been given a different appealing coloration in the course of the e book to be seen on a look and for searching up rapidly by way of turning the pages of the e book for a closing minute revision earlier than dealing with an assessment in examination.

Clinical Focus on Learning A novel modality of gaining knowledge of and self-assessment has been brought in the revised version by using such as 30 structured scientific cases. At the quit of most of the chapters, one or greater scientific instances with records and findings of examination have been given based totally on a frequent or an essential ailment pertaining to the device of that chapter. Questions framed at the cease of these instances have been rationally answered and mentioned in an analytical manner in Appendix II.

Revised Pathology Quick Review and MCQs The seventh version of textbook is accompanied with the new revised baby-book famous with many college students and interns. This small e book has been located profoundly beneficial via the college students simply earlier than sensible examination to face viva voce when they need to revise large path content material in a quick time, or by using these getting ready to take postgraduate entrance examinations. The revised version has over 50 greater new MCQs whilst some historic ones have both been edited or replaced.

A Word on Foreword Professor Ivan Damjanov, MD, PhD, Kansas University, USA, has been very beneficent and gracious in writing Foreword for the remaining three successive variations of my textbook which has delivered the textbook nearer to users in different components of the world, which is preferred and gratefully acknowledged. He is talented with characteristics of perfection, readability of thinking and meticulous approach, barring having a top notch knack for deciding on measured phrases in his language. I wholeheartedly specific my gratitude to this cute instructor and an eminent creator and editor.

In essence, the revised version is a complete textual content of pathology supposed in particular for college students of pathology; however, the training clinicians and college students of different branches of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, alternate machine of medicine, and paramedical guides might also additionally discover it useful.


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