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About Book

Care has been taken to outline commonly recognised methods and to verify the veracity of the material supplied. However, the authors, editors, and publisher disclaim any express or implied warranties regarding the relevance, thoroughness, or accuracy of the publication's contents and are not liable for any errors or omissions or for any consequences resulting from the application of the information in this book. The practitioner is still in charge of applying this knowledge to a specific circumstance; the clinical therapies discussed and advised may not be regarded as firm and universal suggestions. Every effort has been made by the authors, editors, and publisher to ensure that the drug selection and dose described in this work are in line with the accepted guidelines and practises at the time of publishing. The reader is advised to review the package insert for each drug to look for any modifications to the indications and dosage, as well as any new warnings and precautions, given ongoing research, evolving government regulations, and the constant flow of information about drug therapy and drug reactions. When a new or rarely used medicine is the indicated agent, this is especially crucial. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted some of the medications and medical devices discussed in this publication permission for restricted use in research settings. The onus is on the medical professional to find out the FDA status of each drug or gadget they want to utilise in their clinical practise. The publishers have done everything possible to identify the owners of any borrowed intellectual property. If they accidentally forgot about any, they will be happy to make the required arrangements as soon as possible.

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