Clinical Scenarios in Surgery

In this blog, you can download free pdf of Clinical Scenarios in Surgery edited by JUSTIN B. DIMICK and GILBERT R. UPCHURCH .

About Book 
It has never been more difficult to become a competent and safe surgeon, despite extraordinary technological and scientific advancements.
Young surgeons are challenged by the rate of new information and the subspecialization that is occurring in each surgical specialty. Conventional surgical textbooks, which have expanded in tandem with these advances, are transforming into encyclopaedic reference works that are used only when a full overview is required. Due to the abundance of accessible information, it is frequently challenging to determine the fundamental principles of safe surgery for a given clinical setting. As young surgeons sit down to study for their written and oral board examinations, the mismatch between existing educational resources and the need for a thorough grasp of general surgical principles becomes most obvious.
Youth surgeons learn differently than their predecessors. Contemporary surgical trainees do not spend hours seated and reading. They are multitaskers who expect their learning materials to be efficient and immediately relevant. The majority of medical schools have adapted to these developments by adopting case-based learning curriculums.
The utilisation of patient stories to teach fundamental surgical principles makes clinical narratives particularly effective learning tools. The majority of current surgical textbooks have not kept up with these broader shifts in medical education.
This book was written to fill these gaps. We have developed a case-based text to convey the fundamental principles of general surgery and its subspecialties. We believe that the patient narratives in these clinical scenarios will give the necessary context for understanding the principles of safe surgical treatment. The chapters should be short enough for students, residents, and other young surgeons to read between cases or after a long day at the hospital. We expect this book to be especially valuable for senior surgical residents and fresh graduates preparing for the oral examination administered by the American Board of Surgery.

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