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 About Book

A field that offers practically endless prospects for occupational and physical therapists with experience in this area, ergonomics is a discipline that is still developing and growing.

That you have chosen Ergonomics for Therapists to assist direct your best practise makes me very happy.

It is a resource for those of you already working in ergonomics as well as a tool to assist you become knowledgeable in the field. It gives the contributors and me great pleasure to be able to offer you chapters on cutting-edge ergonomics topics.

Like its predecessor, this third edition of Ergonomics for Therapists is a user-friendly text separated into six parts:

Introduction and Conceptual Framework

2. Information, Equipment, and Methods

3. Particular Points to Take

Application Procedure 4.

Resources 5.

6. Attachments

31 specialists from five different nations who contributed to this publication fully reviewed or rewrote every chapter from the previous version to reflect the most recent evidence-based science. Macroergonomics, Ergonomics and Work Assessments, Ergonomics of Children and Youths, Ergonomics of Aging, Ergonomics of Play and Leisure, and Entrepreneurship are among the new chapters that expand the scope of this book.

Unique Elements of This Novel

Each chapter of Ergonomics for Therapists has the following elements to make it easier for you to use it as a teaching resource:

• Learning exercises that encourage the reader to apply the chapter's content to real-world scenarios and assist the reader in doing assessments; learning objectives; glossary boxes with essential terminology and definitions; case studies that are woven throughout the chapter.

• Review questions with several options

The Appendices, which include additional case studies, consumer information sheets on ergonomics that can be duplicated and given to customers, and measurement conversions frequently used in ergonomics, are extra features.

"The activities of life determine the quality of life."


I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to all the authors who contributed their knowledge to this book. I would like to thank Kathy Falk, Melissa Kuster, and Sarah Wunderly of Elsevier for using their inventiveness to improve upon the last edition of Ergonomics for Therapists.

Your support will always be the "wind behind my wings" to my family and friends. I appreciate you being there for me at all times.

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