Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology

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About Book

My goal in writing this textbook was to inspire students to continue their physiology educations and to appreciate the human body for all it can do. The study of physiology connects biology and medicine. The human body is a marvel of design and engineering, and physiology is the science that reveals how each thing works in harmony with the others. The human body is more than the sum of its parts, and life depends on the way the whole works, not only on the way its components work individually. This raises the question of how the various body parts and systems work together to ensure optimal performance. Thankfully, we can maintain life because our bodies are equipped with a complex system of feedback controls. This optimal state of internal body regulation is referred to by physiologists as homeostasis. Disturbances to homeostasis and functional balances are common in illness states. When one disruption goes too far, the whole organism dies. One of the aims of this text is to present the improper actions of homeostasis mechanisms in sickness while also highlighting their efficacy and attractiveness. One more target is 100% accuracy. Factual correctness and fairness in the book have been double-checked with the help of suggestions and critiques from numerous students, physiologists, and doctors from throughout the world. However, given the inherent fallibility of sifting through tens of thousands of data points, I'd like to extend a second invitation to all readers: please share any corrections or clarifications you find. Just as physiologists know that feedback is crucial to maintaining healthy human bodies, they also recognise its value in continuously refining a physiology textbook. Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed thus far. Introduction, Part IX Several aspects of the 12th edition require brevity in explanatory text. The text length has been carefully regulated to limit the book size so that it may be effectively utilised in physiology courses for medical students and health care workers, despite the fact that several of the chapters have been rewritten to reflect new principles of physiology. There are a lot of new, reworked, and coloured illustrations. The selection criteria for recent references centred on the clarity with which they presented physiologic concepts, the credibility of their own citations, and their accessibility. Papers from primarily recently published scientific journals are included in the selected bibliography at the conclusion of each chapter; these articles are available for free on the PubMed website (http://www. Students can learn nearly everything there is to know about physiology by using these references and the cross-references within them. Unfortunately, in an effort to be as succinct as possible, I've had to express several physiologic principles in a more simple and dogmatic manner than I would prefer. However, the bibliography can be utilised to learn more about the debates and mysteries that still surround our knowledge of the human body and its myriad roles in health and illness. The font is configured in two different sizes, which is another convenient function. Students will need the information presented in large type for practically all aspects of their medical studies and careers. There are a few different types of information that are presented in smaller type: first, anatomical, chemical, and other data that is needed for immediate discussion but that most students will learn in greater detail in other courses; second, physiologic data that is of particular importance to certain fields of clinical medicine; and third, data that will be of value to those students who may wish to study particular physiologic mechanisms in greater depth. Many people, including my colleagues in the Department of Physiology and Biophysics at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, have helped me with the preparation of this book, and I am grateful to each and every one of them.

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