Integumentary Physical Therapy

In this blog, you can download free pdf of Integumentary Physical Therapy edited by JI-WHAN PARK DAE-IN JUNG.

About Book
A stonemason was employed to cut and shape the stones.
He toiled diligently under the scorching sun, pouring with sweat. He engraved "integumentary PT" on the stone after it had been formed.
Such a lovely stone! Our goal is to leave our mark on people's hearts. The folks seeing the stonemason at work inquired, "How can we do that?
"That's not at all difficult. You can accomplish it if you go on your knees and work all night long, he replied.
How many times have South Korean professors of physical therapy stood up after getting on their knees?
Korean physical therapy has been evolving for 66 years, starting in 1949, with intellectual and technological support from international physical therapy scholars. Unfortunately, Korean physical therapy hasn't made much of an impact on global physical therapy. As a result, those professors who felt that they had to pay back the aid received from global physical therapy thought about how to make amends for their benefits.
The physical therapy techniques described in this book are safe and suitable for use with patients who have a variety of skin conditions, such as scars, decubitus ulcers, burns, frostbite, photosensitivity disorders, infectious skin diseases, skin cancers, conditions linked to obesity, psoriasis, herpes zoster, tinea pedis, and vitiligo. Physical therapy methods, such as therapeutic exercises, manual physical therapies, and therapeutic modalities used in rehabilitation, are thoroughly discussed for each ailment. Information is also provided on signs and consequences, diagnostic testing, medical procedures, and approaches for care and prevention. Management of skin issues brought on by obesity is discussed from both an Eastern and Western medical perspective. More than 300 colour images and graphics complement the text.
While treating patients with skin conditions, having knowledge of integumentary physical therapy will help the therapist achieve the best therapeutic outcomes.
Both physical therapists in practise and students of physical therapy will benefit from it.
We appreciate all the work the Springer staff put into publishing this book.
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We would especially want to thank Prof. Keon Cheol, Prof. Lee, and the authors from other universities for their tireless labour.
Ideally, this book will help physical therapy become more widely practised.

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