Emerging infectious diseases _ a guide to diseases, causative agents, and surveillance (2011)

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HEADLINES AND NEWS REPORTS warn of “Flesh-Eating Bacteria,” “Mad Cow Disease,” the AIDS pandemic, and fl u pandemics. Drug-resistant bacteria are in our hospitals and our locker-rooms, malaria incidence is on the rise, and TB is reemerging. Every year, new infectious threats appear or old diseases spread to new areas or attack with greater viciousness. Some of the new diseases rear their heads and then suddenly vanish, like SARS, while others may be with humanity for the foreseeable future. The media warn and inform of the newly emerging diseases yet also may capitalize on public fears by overstating the real danger or describing the diseases in the most gruesome terms possible before moving on to the next “killer virus” predicted to kill tens of millions of people. Meanwhile, other, less spectacular diseases spread unnoticed through certain segments of the world’s population (as babesiosis or cryptosporidiosis in immunosuppressed persons or dengue hemorrhagic fever in many parts of the world). This book attempts to provide a balanced overview of some of the emerging and reemerging diseases of current times. No single text could cover all of these diseases, but a number of illnesses have been selected which are found in different regions of the world. Many of these strike tropical regions or developing countries with particular virulence, others are found in temperate or developed areas, and still other microbes and infections are more indiscriminate. In five or ten years, other diseases may have emerged as major killers of humanity while some of the current threats may have been neutralized by the development of new drugs, vaccines, or other preventive measures. Poverty, civil unrest and war, and lack of access to modern health care supplies and facilities have fueled epidemics of some of the diseases covered in this book. If these underlying causes could be nullifi ed or eliminated, many diseases would be controllable and large numbers of people freed from their crippling effects upon health and prosperity

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