United State Pharmacopeia 2024 pdf free download (USP 47 - NF 42)

In this blog post you find United State Pharmacopeia 2024 pdf free download of every single monograph and separate General Chapter of all.

United State Pharmacopeia 2024 pdf free download  (USP 47 - NF 42)

United State Pharmacopeia 2024 pdf free download  (USP 47 - NF 42)

The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and the National Formulary (NF) are two separate compendia that were combined to create USP 2024 pdf (United State Pharmacopeia 47 - NF 42). Standards for medications, biological substances, dosage forms, chemical production, excipients, medical equipment, dietary supplements, and other therapies are contained in it. The Food and Drug Administration may impose the most recent iteration of the USPNF standard, which is regarded as official by USP, on medications manufactured and sold within the country. You may quickly and simply learn online for free or download PDFs. Additionally, you can download the most recent version of USP 2024 (United State Pharmacopeia 47 - NF 42) in a 500 MB zip file.

USP 2024 pdf Monographs

Pharmacopeia uses monographs to define terms, specifications, and other regulations pertaining to labeling, packaging, and storage. Procedures, testing, and acceptance standards that support ensuring the identity, strength, quality, and purity of goods are included in specifications. See section 5, Monograph Components, for general requirements pertaining to each Monograph parts.

Certain official substances may meet USP or NF requirements but differ due to their non-standard nature because monographs might not include standards for all pertinent attributes.

It relates to how it is used in a particular preparation. In order to guarantee interchangeability in such conditions, users would want to confirm the equality of the FUND function or ascertain these attributes prior to utilization.

In this pdf format, you find a pdf of every Drug monograph like given below. Every pdf of the Monograph contain the following:-


General Chapters

Every general chapter is assigned a number that appears in Angbrackets adjacent to the name of the chapter (eg chromatography)

General chapters can contain the following:

Description of tests and procedures for applications through monographs in dividual, Specifications and Descriptions of practices & conditions for pharmaceutical compounding, General information for interpretation of compendation requirements, Description of general pharmaceutical storage, dispensin and packaging practice, or General guidance for manufacturers of official substances or ficial products.

When the general chapter is referenced in the monograph, the acceptance criteria can be presented after the large intestine.

Some chapters can function as an overview of Introduction to Exam or analytical techniques. They can refer other general chapters that contain techniques, procedure details, and, sometimes, acceptance criteria.


Pharmacopeia uses monographs to indicate names, definitions, descriptions, and other details about labeling, packaging, and storage. The identity, strength, quality, and purity of the products are ensured by the processes, tests, and acceptance of the requirements stated in the specifications. Section 5, "Monograph components," provides general specifications about different parts of the monograph. Because monographs might not contain standards for all pertinent features, some official substances may meet USP or NF requirements but differ because of their non-standard nature, which is relevant to their usage in a particular preparation. Before using, users would want to make sure that the FUND function is equal or define these qualities to guarantee interchangeability in such cases. All of the drug monographs listed here are available in PDF format. 

Every pdf of the Monograph contain the following:

1. Definition
2. Identification
3. Assay
4. Impurities
5. Specific Test
6. Additional Requirements

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