Clinically Oriented Anatomy Eigth edition

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Students and faculty have told us what they want and expect from Clinically

Oriented Anatomy, and we listened:

A comprehensive text enabling students to fill in the blanks, as time allotted for lectures continues to decrease, laboratory guides become exclusively instructional, and multiauthored lecture notes develop inconsistencies in comprehension, fact, and format.  A resource capable of supporting areas of special interest and emphasis within specific anatomy courses that serves the anatomy needs of students during both the basic science and the clinical phases of their studies.  Updated organization of the chapters to match that of Grant’s Atlas of Anatomy and Grant’s Dissector.  A thorough introductory chapter (Chapter 1: Overview and Basic Concepts) that covers important systemic information and concepts basic to the understanding of the anatomy presented in the subsequent regional chapters.  Students from many countries and backgrounds have written to express their views of this book—gratifyingly, most are congratulatory. Health professional students have more diverse backgrounds and experiences than ever before. Curricular constraints often result in unjustified assumptions concerning the prerequisite information necessary for many students to understand the presented material. The introductory chapter includes efficient summaries of functional systemic anatomy. Students’ comments specifically emphasized the need for a systemic description of the nervous system and the peripheral autonomic nervous system (ANS) in particular. 

The eighth edition is now the first anatomy textbook to acknowledge and describe the structure and function of the enteric nervous system and its unique role in the innervation of the digestive tract. Everyday facts (muscle attachment, innervation, behavior, etc.) Shown in a table organized to show shared and illustrated quality To prove the information provided. Clinical-oriented anatomy 20 It provides more charts than any other anatomy textbook. Illustrated clinical correlations that not only explain but show anatomy How is it applied clinically? Illustrations that facilitate orientation. Many orientation numbers Added similar to the arrow (zone) that indicates the position of the figure in the box View in close-up view) and display sequence. Tags are attached Minimize the distance between the label and the object by following the guidelines As direct as possible Bold shows the main entry for descriptive terms when they are Introduced and defined. The list shows the page number of these main items They are also bold to make it easy to find the main entrances. Bold is also used to introduce clinical terms in clinical blue boxing Italics indicate important descriptive terms for the subject and area Read or label in reference form. Overviews of useful content are displayed at the beginning of each chapter. Commitment to education The students

This book was written for students studying health sciences. I had no prior knowledge of anatomy. We have tried to present You can use materials in interesting ways to easily combine them: More is being studied in other areas such as body diagnostics and medicine. Rehabilitation and surgery. We hope this article serves two purposes. And to excite. If students develop a passion for clinical anatomy, This book will be made.

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