Hartland's Medical and Dental Hypnosis

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Excerpt from the foreword
2nd and 3rd edition
second version
Each page highlights a long overlooked and seriously overlooked need.
A very important aspect of the development of science unfolds.
A form of hypnosis as an important adjunct to the art of healing. all
Methodology of medical use of hypnosis that is of great value to patients
It itself and medicine as a whole has been properly developed and clarified.
in this book. This is achieved by achieving well-organized and clear goals.
Basic orientation to introduce the breed to the doctor
Understanding hypnosis as it relates to the clinical practice of medicine.
Milton H. Ericsson
third version
The practice of hypnosis is both an art and a science. The shroud
Communication is often best accomplished through professional training from experienced individuals.
Expert. However, this opportunity is not always offered to students.
Studying medicine and dentistry is not easy for practitioners
I want to learn about hypnosis. Both for students and for qualified people
This practitioner's book provides more details
What good practices have been introduced? ... the intention is to present
Those who practice positively learn through success
hypnosis with the patient. Therapy is for the good of the patient
It is only about.
Ernest K. Hilgard
This work, which covers a wide range of medicine and surgery, is growing
of great importance, not only because of the numerous and varied references
for situations illuminated by hypnosis, but also for the holistic vision that permeates them it, and therefore the quality of the approach to the patient, that
important diagnostic and therapeutic approach outside of the clinic
We could call hypnosis psychosomatic. This alignment is a constant
an element that becomes more and more evident as you read. It's about
both the patient with his symptoms and the preceding factors e
simultaneously with the induction and deepening of the responsible hypnosis
for these processes and their spontaneous and induced phenomena,
Not to mention their therapeutic effects. Here we should also note the
importance given to the doctor figure, characterized by affective sensitivity,
inner opening and a capacity for human contact, leading him to accept and
use what the patient initially offers him, displaying trust, respect, empathy
and sympathy, and forming together with the patient a unity made up of
intimate responses. 
A clear example of this is the studied attention devoted not only to words
but also to pauses; in other words, the weighing up and interpretation of
the possible significances behind the frequency, duration and quality of
both utterances and silences, and an assessment of how and when they are
inserted into the thread of sound. 
It can therefore be especially recommended both for the valuable information
concerning professional practice in many specialist areas and also
because it may help to spread the understanding that it is possible to be
therapeutic purely as a person, sometimes even without the need to resort to
any other remedy. 
Gualtiero Guantieri

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