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Preventive & Social Medicine 7th Edition

About Book 

While getting ready for PG entrance examination, I myself realized that most of the PSM MCQs, associated textual content and even the referenced solutions given in books had been continuously unable to fulfill me as a student. 

Most of the times, there have been questions from ‘topics no longer given in general textbooks’ (for example, nested case manage study, case collection report, statistical errors, probability, odds and probability ratios, fitness legislations, water washed diseases, golden rice, COPRA, Punnett square, Dixon’s Q-test, Evidence based totally medicine, etc.—all collectively are simply the tip of an iceberg of such MCQs). 

Every yr there had been ‘new unheard questions from unexplored fields’, overlapping alternatives of MCQs from different fields of medicinal drug accompanied with futile search for ‘recent most facts of Public Health Statistics’, etc. This all made me recognize that PSM is a substantial and assorted concern to conceptualize and memories. 

Elaborate books additionally harassed me involving the relative significance of every theme in the subject. I additionally realized that college students face most concern in grasp the ideas of ‘Biostatistics’ and in acquiring precise, concise and beneficial records from ‘National Health Programmer of India’.

Also, PG entrance examinations have a huge chunk of direct MCQs from PSM difficulty (Just 1 concern out of 19 complete subjects), ranging from 10 to 14% of complete (20–25% in CMS-UPSC). Moreover, PSM helps in fixing countless allied questions (partly or totally) of Pediatrics, Obstetrics, Pharmacology, Medicine, Microbiology, Ophthalmology, etc.

So, there is no denying the truth that ‘PSM is of paramount importance’ to correctly handle any PG Entrance Examination. Thus, I have written this e book preserving a student’s, a teacher’s and an examiner’s standpoint in mind.

Each chapter has been divided into subjects and sub-topics, Theory and MCQs have been organized section-wise for greater complete perception of topics. In Theory, Important preceding years MCQs have been highlighted (as) and MUST-KNOW data have been given separately. 

Book consists of PG Entrance Examination MCQs of AIIMS (1991–2014) and AIPGME (1991–2012 + ‘Recent MCQs’) with referenced, authenticated, full explanatory answers. Solved explanatory MCQs from DPG, PGI, JIPMER PG Entrance Examinations (2000–2011) have been introduced to assist college students draw close issue better. 

Over 2500 solved MCQs from UPSC CMS and Several State Medical PG Entrance Examinations (Rajasthan, MP, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Bihar, DNB, JIPMER, Kolkata, Karnataka PGMEE) have been introduced for wider coverage. Recent most adjustments in National Health Programmed with updates in Communicable and Noncommunicable illnesses furnished for aggressive edge.

Many solutions have been accompanied via a part on ‘Also Remember’—A compilation of a range of vital noteworthy factors primarily based on preceding questions from a number of fields. Golden Points (Five sets) have been protected for a speedy revision simply earlier than the examination. 

Several Annexures (Incubation length and modes of transmission of diseases, essential days of public health, contraptions of significance in public health, essential fitness legislations and programmed in India, Vectors, NHP 2002 and NPP 2000, proposed BMW suggestions and public fitness associated information of India) have been blanketed toward the quit of the e book to provide the pupil an area over others.

Please bear in mind there is no alternative to concept books, however with any luck you will locate all applicable principle in this effortless book.

Despite each and every viable effort been undertaken to make sure no technical or typographical blunders in the book, such are certain to be current in any book. If you come throughout any other such error or if you have any comment, suggestions, queries or views, you are most welcome to email to me for an instantaneous response. All contributions will be duly acknowledged. Do share your experiences whilst analyzing this e book and the subject.


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