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Preventive & Social Medicines 23rd Edition

About Book 

It is certainly pleasing that this e book has viewed twenty two profitable versions and is now getting into the twenty-third edition with a company new look. This new version is in preserving with the lifestyle of launch of new variants at normal intervals, with the goal to in shape the tempo of everchanging problem matter. The e book has been entirely up to date and revised.

The Chapter on Communicable Diseases now consists of the new therapy recommendations launched by means of WHO (2013) for HIV/AIDS and December 2014 pointers for post-exposure prophylaxis of HIV and use of cotrimoxazole in HIV cases. 

New remedy and diagnostic directives (2013) in opposition to malaria by means of Government of India have been incorporated. WHO has issued up to date preparation on definitions of instances and therapy of tuberculosis to accommodate analysis the usage of Experts, MIB/ RIF and different WHO advocated molecular tests. 

These definitions now substitute the 2006 definitions. Extensive work is going on in MOR-TB investigations and remedy in exceptional situations, e.g., person tubercular cases, pediatrics cases, TB with HIV/AIDS, throughout being pregnant etc. These regimens have been blanketed in detail. Ebola Virus Disease has been covered in re-emerging Diseases. Soil transmitted helminthiasis includes new matter.

Chapter on Health Programs in India now incorporates new plans delivered in 2013 and 2014 i.e., National Health Mission, National Urban Health Mission, RMNCH+A approach (2013), India Newborn Action Plan (2014) etc. The chapter additionally carries small print about NACP-IV, cutting-edge on RNTCP, malaria and leprosy.

The different subjects of activity are Global Hunger Index, the present day scenario about Millennium Development Goals, revised classification of unfavorable occasions following immunization, the new and up to date count number about baby and maternal mortality, Mission Indradhanush (launched on twenty fifth December 2014), and many more. twelfth Five Year Plan replaces the eleventh Plan.

In conclusion, I desire to categorical my gratitude to all these undergraduate and postgraduate college students whose feedback and encouragement has helped me to preserve the e book up to-date.

Lastly, I prolong my perception to Mr. Brij Mohan Bhanot for the care bestowed in e-book of this book.

From time immemorial man has been involved in attempting to manipulate disease. The remedy man, the priest, the herbalist and the magician, all undertook in quite a number approaches to treatment man's disorder and/or to convey remedy to the sick. 

In an nearly entire absence of scientific scientific knowledge, it would now not be honest to say that the early practitioners of medicinal drug contributed nothing to the alleviation of man's struggling from disease. Medical expertise in truth has been derived, to a very awesome degree, from the intuitive and observational propositions and cumulative experiences gleaned from others. 

A records of medication for this reason contributes a assessment of accomplishments and errors, false theories and misinformation and incorrect interpretations. It is additionally a learn about of the evolution of man and of human information down the ages; of the biographies of eminent folks who developed medicine; of the discoveries and innovations in unique historic periods; and of the ever-changing concepts, dreams and targets of medicine. 

In the route of its evolution, which proceeded by way of stages, with advances and halts, medicinal drug has drawn richly from the usual cultures of which it is a part, and later from organic and herbal sciences and greater currently from social and behavioral sciences. 

Medicine is hence constructed on the excellent of the past. In the crucible of time, medicinal drug has developed itself into a social gadget closely bureaucratized and politicized. The "explosion" of expertise throughout the twentieth century has made medication greater complex, and remedy extra costly, however the advantages of current remedy have now not but penetrated the social periphery in many countries. 

The obvious contrasts in the country of fitness between the developed and growing countries, between the rural and city areas, and between the wealthy and negative have attracted international criticism as "social injustice". The dedication of all countries, below the banner of the World Health Organization, is to wipe out the inequalities in the distribution of fitness sources and services, and achieve the Millennium Development Goals. 

The purpose of present day remedy is no longer only remedy of sickness. The different and extra vital dreams which have emerged are prevention of disease, advertising of fitness and enhancement of the best of existence of persons and organizations or communities. In different words, the scope of medicinal drug has significantly broadened in the course of current years. It is additionally considered as an fundamental issue of socio-economic development.  


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