Behavioral Science

 In this Blog, you can download free pdf of Behavioral Science edited by BARBARA FADEM .

About Book

The function and state of the mind play a significant role in a person's physical wellbeing. The United States Medical Licensing Exam ination (USMLE) pays careful attention to the important role of the mind-body connection and thoroughly assesses this area on each of the exam's three steps. This review book was created as a learning tool to aid students in quickly recalling information they studied in behavioural science, psychiatry, epidemiology, and related courses during their first two years of medical school.
There are 26 chapters in the seventh version of BRS Behavioral Science. Every chapter begins with a "Typical Board Question," which serves as an illustration of how the chapter's topic is approached. Each chapter has been updated to provide the most recent information available.
Each chapter and the Comprehensive Test ination have over 770 USMLE-style questions with complete answers and explanations. Significant numbers of these questions were developed specifically for the seventh edition and reflect the USMLE approach by include clinical vignettes in the stem. The book contains numerous tables to facilitate easy access to vital information.

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