Exercise Physiology

 In this Blog, you can download free pdf of Excercise Physiology edited by WILLIAM D. McARDLE, FRANK L. KATCH and VICTOR L. KATCH .

About Book

As with the publication of the first edition of Exercise Physiology: Nutrition, Energy, and Human Performance in 1981, this seventh edition demonstrates our continued dedication to integrating the concepts and science of the various disciplines that contribute to a more complete understanding and appreciation of contemporary exercise physiology.

Consistent with previous editions, we firmly believe that the content domain of exercise physiology must be based on the logical and natural progression of basic knowledge regarding nutrient-energy intake, nutrient-energy metabolism, and systems physiology in relation to submaximal and maximal human movement. Modern theories of energy balance establish a close relationship between physical inactivity and the "creeping obesity" problem that continues to plague the global population. We are delighted that the medical community and government authorities have now recognised regular physical activity as a vital tool for the prevention and rehabilitation of a variety of disease states, including obesity.

Since the publication of the first edition in 1981, more than 350,000 undergraduate and graduate students have used this text. We are pleased with the tiny contribution we have made to their education. Some of the initial students enrolled in our own programmes that utilised this material have gone on to achieve advanced degrees in the same or similar professions, which gives us great pride. This practise of adopting textbooks has now been passed on to their pupils, among whom are many aspiring instructors, fitness professionals, and researchers. In fact, one of us (VK) has had the pleasure to teach youngsters whose parents were former students on three separate occasions. We will be eternally grateful to our former instructors and mentors for sparking a flame that has not died out. We hope you will become (and remain) as enthusiastic about the science of exercise physiology and human performance as we have been and continue to be.

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