Essential Procedures for Practitioners in Emergency, Urgent, and Primary Care Settings

 In this blog, you can download free pdf of Essential Procedures for Practitioners in Emergency, Urgent, and Primary Care Settings edited by THERESA M. CAMPO and KEITH A. LAFERTY. 

About Book

Welcome to the sole manual of procedures for emergency, urgent, and general care practitioners. This book is intended to assist practitioners (advanced practise registered nurses and physician assistants) and students in executing typical operations in these settings. It is supposed to be an easy-to-understand and follow clinical companion.

This book was written by clinical professionals with decades of combined academic and clinical expertise in their respective domains. We have organised this book to be both user-friendly and comprehensive by incorporating the most recent research and practice-based pearls of wisdom. As busy professionals, we all recognise the necessity of a well-organized and simplified procedural manual.

The text is structured into 14 sections that cover the spectrum of typical operations performed in emergency, urgent, and general care settings. This collection of thoroughly documented procedures is designed to be used as a clinical companion and is an easy-to-use reference for executing such methods. This book was written using current literature supported by empirical evidence. All references are listed at the conclusion of each chapter to facilitate reading.

The chapters are structured in a manner that describes the background, including pathophysiology, of specific illnesses requiring the surgery.

In each chapter, current therapies and actual procedures are described. The authors intend to describe in some detail the illness process so that the indication and execution of the procedure are better understood.

Before executing any procedures, the authors propose a combination of classroom instruction and practical application. Practitioners should always adhere to the scope of practise outlined by their respective state and institution-based governing authorities. The writers and contributors assume no responsibility for any actions that occur from using this text.

Everyone has the right to their own ideas, but not their own facts. The writers of this book are adamant that evidence-based practise is the only approach to treat patients effectively.

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