Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Patient-Centered Care

 In this blog, you can download free pdf of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Patient-Centered Care edited by ADRIAN CRISTIAN and SORUSH BATMANGELICH .

About Book

Although there are many excellent textbooks on physical medicine and rehabilitation, this comprehensive, self-directed textbook is the first to introduce a coordinated competency-based approach to set a standard in practise, education, and training and to influence the future of physiatric patient care.

The basis for the core skills are laid forth in Part I, along with some fundamental guidelines for using competency-centric practise along with professional development techniques.

The information unique to each topic is organised in the context of the six Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME)/American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) core competencies and quality metrics in Part II, which focuses on the key physiatric practise areas.Each practise chapter includes a case study with open-ended discussion questions, goals and objectives for the six competencies, and self-examination questions and responses for self-assessment.

The material is accompanied throughout by helpful clinical hints, where-to-look-and-how-to guides, important points, tables, and references for more research.

The book can be used independently to develop key patient-centered care skills or as a valuable supplemental resource during clinical rotations as part of a physical medicine and rehabilitation resident training curriculum.

This book has contributions from numerous doctors, researchers, educators, residents, and fellows. Most of the chapters feature self-evaluation questions that have been designed, structured, and supported by references and an answer key.Before reading the chapter, the authors suggest taking the self-assessment exam as a pretest to determine strengths and weaknesses in knowledge, abilities, and attitudes. After reading the chapter, the reader may wish to revisit the self-assessment questions to ensure comprehension of the material.

We hope that this book will assist trainees in physical medicine and rehabilitation in enhancing their skills as practitioners, learners, and educators, as well as better preparing them for the continual process of professional development throughout their medical careers.

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