Artificial Intelligence and Molecular Biology

In this blog, you can download free pdf of Artificial Intelligence and Molecular Biology edited by Lawrence Hunter .
About Book
For computer scientists who want to work in the field of molecular biology, one of the biggest obstacles is learning the intimidating complexities of current biological knowledge and its enormous technical jargon. Throughout history, almost all societies have sought answers to the origin, purpose, and structure of living systems, and the work of the previous two generations has been exceptionally productive. This research has revealed a wealth of information about living systems that is simply too intricate and sophisticated for one person to understand. A single biomolecule's study can serve as the foundation for a whole scientific career. Nonetheless, I make an effort to give enough background in the pages that follow so that a computer scientist may comprehend most of the biology covered in this bookThis book offers the most succinct of summaries; it can only begin to express the breadth, variety, complexity, and breathtaking beauty of the living world.
What follows is not exclusively about molecular biology. It is frequently required to employ notions from biology, such as those related to cells, embryological development, or evolution, to describe what the molecules are doing. Biology is incredibly comprehensive. Events at one scale or level of time can influence or be influenced by events at quite different scales or levels. Understanding the importance of the molecular biology that is discussed further in the book requires having digested a survey of the fundamental background information. Context has a critical role both in daily living and in thought.
There are many different living things in the earth, yet very few generalisations apply to each one. I'll do my best to cover the fundamentals; as you read, try to keep the possibility of exceptions in mind. Another thing to keep in mind is that mastering the language of biology is crucial to understanding it. Like many other scientists, biologists employ technical language to be specific about references. A large portion of the biological literature may be understood by non-specialists once they have a handle on this terminology. The notes include information on terminology and other fundamental topics.

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