Fundamentals of Diagnostic Radiology

 In this Blog, you can download free pdf of Fundamentals of Diagnostic Radiology edited by WILLIAM E.BRANT and CLYDE A. HELMS .

About Book

To stay up with the changing nature of the American Board of Radiology exams, our new version has been reorganised. We also have 11 sections that correspond to the categories of the oral board test, in addition to our introduction chapter. Vascular and Interventional Radiology and Cardiac Radiology are now independent divisions. We have included a chapter on the growing application of Cardiac MR. To keep up with the quick growth of this hybrid imaging technique, we have added a chapter on Positron Emission Tomography and PET-CT. To live up to our reputation as pictorialists, each chapter includes newly updated and enhanced illustrations.The imaging of anthrax and severe acute respiratory distress syndrome (SARS), breast MR, pulmonary complications of bone marrow transplant, abdominal trauma CT, renal stone CT, and many more issues of current interest have been added. In every instance, we have made an effort to adhere to our objectives of being clear, fundamental, and complete. The scope of our field is expanding, and so is the size of our book. As a result of its weight, many locals have taken our book to their neighbourhood copy shop and had it rebound into more manageable soft-cover pieces. In addition to our original single-volume edition, our publisher has consented to offer the current edition with a four-volume soft cover optionWe extend our gratitude to the numerous people who, in addition to our authors, made significant contributions to the text's completion.

This edition was overseen from beginning to end by Kerry Barrett, managing editor, and Lisa McAllister, executive editor, of Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. At TechBooks in York, PA, Barbara Stabb and her staff delivered excellent book creation services. We want to express our gratitude to all of the residents, fellows, students of medicine, and faculty members with whom we have collaborated and who have pushed us to grow as radiologists and educators.

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